MMMM + New job begins!

Seems odd to start a new job in your 40s but it isn’t necessarily a new career; just a new job that does something with a skill I already have. I got up at my regular time (6) but I want to head out at 7:20, since I have to park publicly first. They said I’ll get my parking pass today.

Not a bad weekend but a little stressful. Friday was nice; Ash and I went to Nagoya for lunch but we didn’t do anything afterwards, though we probably should have gone to Costco. Everyone got home from school and around 5:15 I took my middle to the church for a weekend beach retreat. In the evening we put on a movie but we also made our first outdoor fire of the season. We made S’mores and our neighbor came over and we chatted until about 11.

Elliot’s club soccer team had their last tournament of the season in Thomasville (about a 40 min drive) Saturday but games at 8 and 3:30. So I was up early and in between beatings from other teams, we came home and I ran an 11 mile training run. It was fine – better than anticipated – but I was pretty worn out. Went back for the last game then home to eat. I wanted to take everyone out but Elliot didn’t want to go. So we went without him. Had yummy Mexican then Ash and I caught up on House of the Dragon.

On Sunday, Ash had to run his long so I went back out to Thomasville (to lose again) and then home to do grocery shopping and then we had pizza and watched football! Isaac got home at 1 so it was nice being done with the responsibilities for a bit.

Sadly, good times don’t last and Isaac was feeling like he really wanted to hang out with Elliot so they started playing Madden together, Isaac got mad, and threw his controller at Elliot’s nice monitor. Needless to say, it was not a good evening after that! He was upset and sorry, Elliot was shocked and mad, and we were trying to figure out how best to handle it. It’s a pretty expensive item so it definitely isn’t getting replaced today!

I had made a plan to go into my room and do some pre -weekly work on my computer since I won’t have the luxury of doing it at the new job. I didn’t end up sitting down until past 8:30, with all the monitor drama.

This morning, I’m just trying to take it all in stride. A brand new environment, learning new systems, new people, etc. I look forward to having an office. I kind of hope I can listen to music while I edit; that’s kind of a dream job for me honestly. Sigh, I guess my fears just come from the unknown of it all. Ash assures me it will be ok but it’s definitely more about the fact that I won’t have the same free time I did before. Even if it wasn’t much I had afternoons/late afternoons to go to the store and plan food. Now, just like I did back before I went to work from home (which for me was before covid even) I have to plan ahead. I am not used to that! You’d think it would be easier now because back then, the kids were little. How does anyone have a family with two full time working parents AND little kids in school, daycare etc?? For one thing, we ate horribly and at all times. Now we eat much healthier and the time I had really afforded us the benefit of eating before 5 pm; sometimes even earlier. That won’t be happening now!

And eventually here ( probably after elections) he too will have to go back into the office at least 4 days, if not all 5. His Mondays and Fridays won’t be what they are anymore. THEN we will really be in for it. But we’ve done it all this way before and made it work. We can do it again!

Elliot starts practice for the soccer team today, which is another added thing in our schedule. My friend (who works at this same building) assures me it will take 12-15 mins to get to Lincoln to grab him so that’s nice to know. They were cool with me working 8-4:30 so he won’t even have to wait too long.


OK, it’s almost 2 now and I am in my new office and mostly set up. I got my parking space but the badge for the lot didn’t work so I walked all over, from here to my public parking lot, then after it didn’t work, parked again and went back in for the new badge, then back to public parking, etc. It was an adventure! I nearly cried because these shoes are not comfortable so my feet are hurting pretty badly. First day stuff, I guess! It’s not a bad walk back to my car so we’ll see how 4:30 leaving goes. Elliot will just have to wait a little while for me to get there. Argh! It’s all so much on day one and when I get home, it doesn’t end; just have more to do.

OK, I have no new songs I’m into right now and none to share and with all this craziness, I am going to call it on this post!

5 thoughts on “MMMM + New job begins!

  1. Sounds like you’re settling in nicely.

    Mom always said that it was easier to raise boys rather than girls. Considering the kind of hellions we were (there were three of us’), I don’t know if she was serious, being facetious, or trying to convince herself. Maybe you should make Isaac pay for the monitor (I assume that was what was broken), but that’s just me…

    1. I didn’t find it that way. At first, my son(s) took less time and money because girls do a lot more stuff and wear more clothes. But my son wasn’t nearly as mature and though doing very well now, is still a bit of a late bloomer on some issues. Gave me a lot of gray hair (I’m sure, I die it still). My daughter is almost too perfect which might be her only flaw.

  2. We were talking about boy siblings fighting just yesterday. My husband is an identical twin who is 69 . . .and just a few years ago, he and his brother almost got into a knock down fight over something silly. Our son stepped in between them. I didn’t have brothers so I can’t imagine fighting like that 🙂

  3. Get some walking shoes. Hopefully your parking will work out. Just be careful you don’t push too hard. I’m tired just listening to that. 🙂 Good luck on the new job. You’ll do fine.

    1. I’m spread pretty thin this month but I think it’ll calm a little this next…my oldest is done with club soccer and my middle will be done with flag. We’ll have school soccer but it’s during the week and not weekends so that helps!

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