1. I wanted to do the writers workshop but couldn’t figure out which prompt so here we are, doing bullets.
  2. Yesterday was productive but not as much as I’d like. I did find some work clothes so that’s good. I didn’t really have business casual because at FSU you could wear jeans and a v-neck. Then when I taught at TCC, same thing. So now I needed slacks and nicer tops. Fyi – I hate getting dressed up. Sigh.
  3. I only really had about 35 mins actually to myself (to sit for a min) between cleaning, grading, teacher conference, and picking up my oldest. My parents got into town slightly before 4 so then it was chaos.
  4. We went to dinner after Elliot’s last soccer tryout and it was nice but he was obsessively panicking about making the team. We finally got him to relax and enjoy his meal at Walk-ons. My food was great: bacon wrapped shrimp with cream cheese and jalapenos over grits.
  5. After we had paid and were just about to leave, Elliot got word that he did indeed make the Lincoln JV team! He was so relieved! Apparently about 35 freshmen tried out, on top of everyone else so he was terribly worried that it was a numbers game that would ruin his chance. I’m so happy for him!
  6. We all went to Lofty Pursuits for ice cream then back to the house for a little while before my parents went to their hotel. I know that sounds crazy but we don’t have a guest room so staying here is an ordeal of moving kids around.
  7. I had planned to use the two or so hours o have this morning before teaching to catch up but my parents will stop by and we may even have breakfast. I NEVER eat that meal but hey, whatever. I may. But I’m definitely going to be behind. I’ll just take my laptop to work and while my students get a library lesson, I’ll work on stuff.
  8. This afternoon, I can catch up also. That is, before my daughter gets home and we immediately go pick up Elliot from the gym. Then he has a soccer kick off dinner I need to take him to, where he’ll get his jersey and bag and I have to pay. Since when does it cost money to play a high school sport?? It’s as much as I pay the private company the boys already play for!
  9. Thankfully, Ash comes back from his conference today. Tomorrow we’ll both be home and I am thrilled to have yet another day off. I start the new job Monday and to say I’m scared is an understatement. Just so many variables but my friends who work in the building, different areas, swear it’s super laid back (when not in sessions anyway.)
  10. Elliot has a final ASG tournament this weekend about 40 mins away and his game times are – get this – 8 am and 3 pm. Sigh. Guess we’ll be coming back in between because there’s no reason not to. He’ll have a Sunday game too so my plan is to do my 11 mile run in the time we have between. That will be… interesting. But I don’t know how I’d do it Sunday. His game will either me at 8 or 11. Or both. Then we will watch football.
  11. What I’m really working on now is not getting too far ahead of myself. There were times this week when I just wanted to sit down and cry. New job, little time, worried about all this stuff coming up like holidays and races and kid activities and it all feels like a crazy jumble of impossible. But I know that’s not true. We can make it happen! After this weekend, ASG is over, we have two more weekend of flag football, and so, just the high school soccer will dominate. He practices every day 2:30-4:30 so we will do our best to make that happen.
  12. One thing scaring me is that I am going to ask at my new job if they’ll let me work 8-4:30 with a 30 min lunch. This would really help me out with picking up kids. Especially on Tuesdays when we have 2 kids at things. Here’s hoping they let me. But on top of that, I have to ask if it’s ok to pick up online classes during the downtime in the year (literally 7 months.) Fingers crossed.
  13. In the end, my parents decided not to eat breakfast so I think I am going to eat some Dunkin wraps before I go to class. I shouldn’t; my eating has been pretty all over lately. but I have definitely been stress eating. The 11 miles on Saturday should balance me out and next week when I am back in an office, back to long-term fasting!

3 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – OVERWHELMED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT

  1. Wow! Great for Elliot! You sound pretty stressed, but it will all work out, of course. Where are your parents headed? We are going to have high 60’s and 70’s this weekend in upper lower Michigan. My plants are still not nipped. But last few days have been windy and blowing and pretty cold. 40 would have been low for Florida, upper part near panhandle? We always went to Mount Dora area. My dad would stay in our fifth wheel there for the winter. Not this year. Too many bills. Hang in there.

    1. My parents were actually coming back from Palm Beach – been cleaning out my grandpa’s house. They got home to Pensacola. And yes, we are in the panhandle but I know where Mount Dora is; used to go to antique shops there when we lived outside the Orlando area. And thanks; I’m hanging in as best I can.

  2. I like the panhandle a lot and we really loved Mount Dora. Actually hilly and a cross between Charlevoix, MI, and Key West. I do like Key West once in a while and St. Augustine, the older places in Florida. I wish we were visiting this year, but need to deal with some financial things. Next year, we hope. I also like Savannah area and Charleston, low country food and all.

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