Random Tuesday – storm’s a-comin’

  • I hated leaving my kids to their own devices yesterday while I went to work but the “Fall break” happened to fall on my longest learning commons day. They did, however, get their chores done: putting laundry away, tidying up, and blowing off the pool deck so I could get home and put the winter cover on. They did not, however, act right somewhere between 8-9 and I had ENOUGH. I was about to send them to bed but instead, I made the boys tidy up and vacuum. I was just at the end of my rope with their picking at each other.
  • I really spoiled them over the weekend: BBQ, dessert, then chicken and mac from the Publix deli. Hence why they had a frozen pizza for lunch yesterday and sandwiches for dinner. Can’t just eat out all the time! I know people who do and it is beyond me how they afford it. I plan to do leftovers today and a crock pot roast tomorrow.
  • Well, we did manage to get the pool cover on, though not without a lot of yelling and strife. A mouse had babies inside the cover, which was folded inside an outdoor storage box. So first we had to dispose of those. Then I forgot we had to take the ladder out and one side would not come loose. Luckily I managed to work it out, after a lot of trying. Then, Elliot wasn’t being helpful or cooperative so I was just angry. But the damn thing is on; thankfully.
  • It’s shifted east quite a bit now, canceling Ash’s conference. I know he’s probably disappointed but he was there since Saturday so at least he got some fun in. I mean, they run it but there’s still a lot of fun activities. He’s heading home today. With the shift, we are on the outside left of the cone but again, this thing could do any number of things once it passes Cuba and heads into the gulf. I’m not playing around with it at all. Glad the cover is on and we cleaned up on the deck.
  • In fact, I canceled classes today because the other two universities did but this community college did not. While it makes sense that they didn’t – it’s not even rainy here today – a lot of kids left anyway so I wouldn’t even have people in the classroom.
  • This means I plan to leave here in less than an hour and I am taking myself to eat lunch. Need to make sure I get a lot of carbs because I’m running ten miles tomorrow and I don’t want to feel bereft of energy. That’s the worst kind of run. If I feel the typical run-tired, that’s fine but the one where I feel so totally depleted, that kind sucks.
  • I know you’re tired of reading about my mundane life but it’s taken up entirely by solo parenting during an impending storm. In some ways, I want some of it to hit so my prep was not for nothing but at the same time, of course we don’t need any of that here. We have a million trees in this town and that never bodes well. Anyway, this concludes my complaining about Hurricane Ian. I am going to grade some stuff and get my ass out of here!

One thought on “Random Tuesday – storm’s a-comin’

  1. I think most of us love reading about other’s “mundane life.” To me, it is sort of like sitting down with someone and just chatting. Our lives are what we talk about! Hope y’all stay safe from the storm!

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