MMMM + survived two days with the kids

OK OK, they are not bad. I shouldn’t complain. It WAS a busy weekend though. As noted, my husband left early Saturday for his conference. The morning dragged on, since I got up so early, but then by 11 I was picking up my oldest from his job, taking him home to change and grab the other two, then he got dropped off (early) for his 12:30 soccer game. We then traversed town for my other son’s 12:15 flag football game. What tough loss: 8-7, but he played really well. Left there and went back for my oldest, whose team tied. We hit the house to change quickly then went to the Red Shed, a barbecue joint about 15 minutes from the house. It’s more like a BBQ truck with a little bit of an indoor/outdoor space. But it was really good! I picked up a meal once, right after I’d quit FSU full time. I’d also had it catered to an event before. Anyway, everyone was happy with their food and with three kids, that’s a win.

My oldest had sleepover plans but his friend lives clear across town the other way so we took him then stopped into the mall, for the Spirit store took over the old Sears. Alas, it was not open just yet! So I took the two youngest to Nuberri, where I spent way too much on frozen yogurt. but they were happy! When we got home, I was exhausted! Took a little bit of a nap then made sure the kids had plenty of food. I ate my leftover brisket taco and Isaac and I watched some of the FSU game. Since it was quickly becoming obvious it would be a blow-out, I went upstairs and drifted peacefully off to sleep – not! I actually tossed and turned quite a bit. My oldest didn’t text me back and I thought about all the bad things that could have potentially gone wrong.

Luckily, he texted me the next morning and of course, all was well. I got up and drank my coffee, went for a four mile run. Around 10:30, we left to hit Spirit and get Elliot. Well, that Spirit location was still not open so we ended up going to the other one across town (seeing a pattern of how much driving I did this weekend?). The two kids who still care about dressing up got costumes: a witch and a plague doctor, respectively, and we headed home. Went back out for Publix deli chicken for lunch and stopped into Trader Joe’s for this cookie butter beer I’d read about. They didn’t have it and I remember why I don’t shop there: it’s too busy, people are rude, and they don’t have anything I want. They act like their frozen stuff is so much better but it’s the same preservative-laden garbage as everywhere else.

Anyway, after lunch, it was football time and that’s basically all I did besides laundry. Around 4:45, I sent my oldest outside with my youngest to swing and then, all of a sudden, my neighbor was walking in my house! Did he say hi? No, he said, “Wow, how about them Dolphins?” and then helped himself to my beer fridge! Um… excuse you? Now, we do know them and their daughter is my daughter’s friend, but you at least do the semi-knock when coming in an open door and you at least ask if you can have a beer even if you think the answer is yes. Now, I know this asshole is not harmful, he’s just a moron. But now I’m worried that he has no sense of boundaries. I wanted to text his wife, who does have more common sense than he does, but what do I say? “Hey, tell your husband to respect peoples’ homes” ? Maybe so. She once asked me to talk to my daughter about not saying hurtful things to hers (my kid joked that if she didn’t ride the bus they weren’t friends anymore and I guess her friend took that seriously.) Anyway, I was very thankful I already had plans so I could kick him out. My boys were not happy that he just came barging in, got himself a beer, then plopped down on our couch. Excuse you, sir!

As noted, I had plans to meet a couple couples up at the brewery so at least I had a cut-off time for this annoying neighbor. Had a good time chatting with folks then came home and hung out with the boys before bed.

Anyway, working today but the kids have a day off (the Jewish holiday observed but they just call it “Fall break”.) I am hoping this time passes quickly because I have a lot to get done: mainly, vacuuming the pool one last time and then conscripting my boys to help me put the winter cover on. I wasn’t going to do it just yet but with this hurricane a-comin’, It’s better to be safe than sorry. So wish me luck on that front. We haven’t had a storm that was bad since 2018 so here’s hoping it either veers off and goes to Mexico or stays well Southeast of us and we just get the west-side wind and rain.


Freebie week means you get something random. Here are two songs that, for some reason, are stuck in my head:

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