Writer’s Workshop – Leaving my long-time job

1. Write a blog post in exactly 12 lines.

For those who have read my blog for a while, you may recall this awful moment but I guess it’s a crazy story so I’ll use it.

In late 2019, it had become evident that I, as well as a few other co-workers, were being pushed out.

The entire dynamic of the FSU English department had shifted, especially as my boss retired and tensions were at an all-time high because the professors did not like our current chair.

I set plans in motion to leave just before Fall semester began but the strife and disappointment began the previous October when my office manager – who I thought was my fiend and ally – changed all the rules on her employees and began citing people for breaking them.

Her first order of business was to force everyone to take their full one hour lunch breaks and we were not allowed to stay in our offices; she made us follow up on all tasks with debriefing emails and a lot of individual meetings.

For someone like myself, who was an independent worker and had always gotten things done in a timely manner, this was soul-crushing, especially in the wake of my actual, true ally, Deborah, retiring, which eventually prompted said evil manager to move my office from the second floor next to Deborah’s and upstairs into a little windowless storage room..

By mid-summer, I had lined up enough online adjunct jobs, as well as a face to face gig with the community college, that I could quit and I even gave them more than two weeks notice.

In those last few weeks, however, my office manager vacillated between being really nice to me and a vulture, at my office making sure I was back in exactly 60 minutes from lunch or was sending her emails every time I wrapped up a task.

I was set to have my last day on a Friday and during that week, I had a few lunch outings with people in the department who were sad to see me go.

On Wednesday, I had lunch at a little pizza place on campus with my friend and front desk employee, Dina, and then returned to my depressing little hole to continue packing up my 13 years worth of office decor.

I’d been having regular meetings with my office manager and even though I was out in two days, she called me in but instead of having a pleasant chat, she accused me of failing to prepare the job for the next employee.

I was so shocked that I literally asked, “Are we really going to do this now?”, but that set her off, causing her to stomp her feet (at which time I left her office to walk back down the hall) and then throw a pen at me, acting like an angry mom and telling me to get back to her office.

Our department chair had to calm her down and he told me to go ahead and go home but it wasn’t over because I still had two days left; luckily he relieved me of having to sit there and be tortured by her and just like that, my time at FSU came to a close and I have never looked back!

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