Friday/Saturday Five – Been a few DAYS, for real

  1. Well, I tossed and turned all night, my stomach was bubbly, and then when I woke up Friday morning, I was not feeling the greatest. My oldest’s bus took the route in the opposite order so he missed it and I had to drive him, getting back home with a scant four minutes to help my daughter pack a lunch because she had a field trip. I showered and the second I got out and dressed, I drove my middle to XC. Got back and had 10 minutes to finish getting myself ready then drove to work.
  2. All the specialists at work had a meeting so for an hour I was the only tutor on the floor and wouldn’t you know, everyone and their mom came in. I tutored 3 people back to back before I ran out of time. Let me tell you, I couldn’t hightail it out of there fast enough!
  3. Once home, Ash and I went to BJ’s for burgers and we each had a beer. Went home and had a few more and watched some new Fletch remake with Jon Hamm. It wasn’t bad but they shoe horned some woke crap right at the very end. Sigh.
  4. Kids got home, we caught up on Rings of Power, and I got Ash all packed up. The conference they’ve spent forever preparing is upon us. Though, so is a potential hurricane. For now, they’re going. Floridians know those things can turn on a dime so it’s probably worth it to go ahead and see. In 2004 we were in Tampa for a wedding and the hotel just about kicked us out so we decided to go to Orlando. At the last minute, the storms went to Orlando instead!
  5. I was so conflicted about it myself. I do like when he goes out of town, briefly. (So he can come home and we all appreciate him; it’s kind of sad but human nature.) But I wanted the conference to happen because they all spent so much time, money, and effort. So we’ll see. Meanwhile, I’m up so early that my living room light on the timer still hadn’t come on. (It’s only quarter to 6 now.) I have to take Elliot to the fields by 815 to work and then go back to snag him for soccer. Isaac has a flag game on the other side of town at the same time so it’ll be a jam- packed midday. But once it’s about 2 pm, we’ll be done. Then what will I do? I have to run up to Deep and return some glasses. We ended up taking them one night after brew club because the clean up crew had already locked up. Maybe when I’m there I’ll pick up some Chamber Goat. I’m not a blonde ale kind of person but this is a coffee blonde and so good! Anyway, hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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