Random Tuesday – Definitely feels like a random Tuesday!

  • This is a weird week because I have to take it day by day or I’ll be overwhelmed. I don’t know if my Friday plans will come to fruition: my uncle was supposed to get me a ticket to a concert but he’s leaving the security company he worked for. However, he figured they’d still honor it. If I can’t go, I guess I will be upset but only a little; Ash leaves very early Saturday morning and I feel a bit guilty coming in (probably) pretty late Friday night. On that note, we have two obligations Saturday: Isaac has a 12:15 flag game and Elliot, a 12:30 soccer game. Normally, they play at fields within close proximity to one another but not this week. So my plan is to get Ell to Meadows by 11:45, then drive across town for Isaac’s game, then once done, head back to my oldest. He claims he plays better without us watching anyway!
  • I swear, I live and die by my Google calendar these days. In some ways, it actually quells my anxiety about getting everything accomplished. I can really SEE where I need to be at almost all hours of the day so it’s not such a hazy mystery. I am trying to get my husband more in the habit of checking it too; we have a joint calendar but he is not good at looking at it.
  • Is it bad that I look forward to my husband going out of town? I talked about this before. I miss him terribly and hate being the sole parent for a week but I also breathe a little easier knowing I don’t have to care for both him AND the kids. It’s like one whole obligation is temporarily out of mind. And these days, when I am overbooked as it is, it’s really nice to have this free, open area of my brain for a little while. Until writing this, I didn’t have a way to define why it was a nice thing but there you go!
  • I’ve been having this issue where my left eye seems blurry – like there’s a little bit of film over it. For a while I was thinking it’s just allergies but now I am worried it may just be hereditary macular degeneration. I guess I’ll have to get to an eye doctor.
  • I cannot seem to get started today. Had a nice morning: enjoyed my coffee, got all ready, and took Isaac to XC. The morning is cool but not as cool as they have been – a little humid too. Hopefully tomorrow isn’t as bad, since I have to run nine miles. I am working my way through grading papers then I have to teach in a bit. I am sorta-kinda ready!
  • OK, I’m ACTUALLY going to tell you something random. The other evening around maybe 7 pm, I was washing dishes. Out the window from my kitchen sink, I can see my pool and backyard. I spotted something white moving jerkily right near the far side of the pool. I quickly realized that it looked like the mesh bag I use in my skimmer for stabilizer. When it kept moving, I soon realized a creature was in it! At first I thought something got trapped in it somehow but then I came to the conclusion that a pesky squirrel had stolen it right out of the skimmer! I usually put it in and leave a bit hanging out under the lid. I ran out, telling the creature to “git” and I saw that those thieves had clearly been trying to snag it for a while: it had some holes chewed in it from where it was outside the skimmer lid. Little rascals! I guess I’ll keep it entirely under the lid from now on!

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Definitely feels like a random Tuesday!

  1. Hope you get your ticket for the concert. Fingers crossed.

    I hate it when hubby is gone.

    Yes go to the doctor. Eyes are precious.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  2. I often think I can do without a calendar, but being ASD I find I need it. It is the small things in life that make the day feel better. And yes, they may be an inconvenience, but they make it special. Have a great, and RANDOM Tuesaday. Who knoows where it may lead . . . 🙂

  3. My Sweetie won’t even look at the paper calendar he requests i keep, so i get the frustrations of having it down and they still don’t know what’s up.

    Good luck Saturday and with the eye doc, i hope it’s nothing.

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