MMMM + I would like one more weekend, please

Sigh. I had a nice, balanced weekend and the idea of going to work doesn’t sit well with me just yet. I am drinking my coffee in the quiet of early morning; my oldest just left for the bus and he’s not happy. He didn’t feel well last night – stomach issues – but he’s fine today. But he got that “maybe I don’t have to go to school” thought in his head so now he’s mad. There’s nothing wrong with him and I feel like the principle he’s learning here is that sometimes we have to do stuff we just don’t want to do. To be fair, he doesn’t have a fever so it’s not like I’m sending him to school actually sick. He just wants a break. Hey buddy, I get it! Me too.

But anyway, we had a nice weekend. On Friday, I did a lot of work while at work (online stuff though; no actual tutoring) and then came home to do two conferences with confused students. Ash and I then went for hibachi and out to Costco, which I’d been putting off for a while. In the evening we caught up on Rings of Power and House of the Dragon (both 4th eps were good!) but then our neighbor imposed his annoying self upon us. Well, he asked us to come watch the FSU game but we said no. (His wife and daughter are out of town so I know his house is even dirtier than normal.) To meet in the middle, I said he could watch it at ours. He came at the half and I decided I didn’t feel like being social so I just stayed upstairs and read a book! Glad to see FSU pull out a win though.

Saturday morning was busy: I ran two miles and then took Ell to his 930 soccer game. Ash took Isaac to practice and it ran long so instead of meeting back at the house, they just drove over to us for the 1230 game. The team lost spectacularly in the first game but won their second. My son played really well so, no complaints. Weather was nice, though I got quite a bit of sun; even had a tan line on my legs from my shorts. We went to Sonny’s for a late lunch and it was like a Saturday of old – when my boys played city sports and we always had BBQ right after games. To make it a real Saturday of old, I tried to take a nap but woke after only 10 minutes!

Not one to sit around, I took a water sample to the pool store and returned empty chlorine jugs. I don’t remember what time, but I dropped my oldest off at his friend’s house then made some small dinner for the other kids. Ash wanted to watch a movie and I didn’t feel like it so I sat in the sauna for 30. I watched the end of the movie and I can’t remember what else! I know our neighbor tried to get us to come over even though we’d already told him we both had to run Sunday so we were not drinking or staying out late. Sigh. Some people never learn.

I figured there was no way my 5 mile run could be as good as my 2, but it was great! I actually had negative splits for maybe the first time ever. Ran 5 in 48:34. Not bad for it being hilly. Hoping I’ve turned the corner here in training; my 7 and 8 mile long runs were definitely not my best and I was getting discouraged.

With that done, I picked up my son and the couple things I’d forgotten from the store, made burgers, and then it was football for the rest of the day. A couple friends came to watch the early games so that was nice too.

I am definitely not feeling the whole ‘go to work thing’ today, but I’d be a hypocrite to complain when I made my son go to school, despite feeling tired or whatever.


OK, our guest conductor wants us to spell out BREAKFAST with song titles so here we go. Might have some repeaters in there but hey, I’m trying.

Best of my Love – Eagles

Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac

Easy Like Sunday Morning – Commodores

All out of Love – Air Supply

Keep on Lovin’ YOU – REO Speedwagon

Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty

Arthur’s Theme – Christopher Cross

So Into You – Atlanta Rhythm Section

Thunder Island – Jay Ferguson

And I am including one video because it’s a great song:

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