Friday Five – Not feeling amazing today

  1. It was actually a little cathartic to write yesterday about my stupidity last Saturday. I tend to do this thing where I ignore my problems and try to act like nothing ever happened. All the while being completely aware that that solves nothing, nothing at all. I paid for my actions, but in nothing too serious. The day after, I was not hungover but my body felt ripped apart. I am a once-a-day eater but I had to have food in my body and I ate, of all things, Dunkin breakfast wraps. But they were really good and what I needed. In fact, I really needed that day driving alone and then meeting up with Elliot at his tournament and the subsequent meal with my parents after the game. It was a good reminder to focus on what’s important.
  2. I was insanely busy this week and I can’t believe I managed to get the kids to everything by myself. I feel like I am a Rockstar mom! I was super happy that Ash decided to come back Wednesday instead. I need that support system. And, as per my little tale of woe, I am much more aware and grateful for that.
  3. In fact, he and I had a nice day yesterday. I had student conferences until 12:30 then we returned the van he’d rented for moving junk, and then we went to lunch at Decent Pizza after having picked up Isaac’s clarinet from the shop. We had a couple beers and then went home and hung out. Just… rested. I needed that.
  4. This morning, though, my stomach is crampy for some reason. Plus, there must be something going on allergy-wise because the pressure in my face is just awful. Loving this cooler weather though, It’s refreshing to walk out and be greeted by it.
  5. I have been SO busy grading this morning I have barely had time to think about anything else. But I am excited to leave here, do two clarifying zoom meetings with students, then go to lunch and Costco.

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