Writer’s workshop – Awkward!

5. Tell us about a time you made things awkward.

My story could also probably suffice for the “sorry” prompt

I don’t actually want to write this. The wounds are too fresh and, if we are being honest, I am embarrassed. I don’t really get that way often, because I build my life around being the one who holds things together and doesn’t make a lot of stupid errors. Well, this past Saturday, I did.

We served our homebrew at the beer fest. It’s a huge charity event and A LOT of people attend. We got there around 10 and set up all our stuff. As we learned last year, once your booth is ready, you get the opportunity to walk around and meet others. That’s homebrewers and legitimate breweries alike. We chatted with the tables near us, especially these guys from west Florida who had some really cool beers they brought. That was my first sample of the day, around 11. Only a bit though, as we had work to do. At 12, the vendors all got to go through the VIP, which meant you had first dibs on all the commercial breweries and the good food. I honestly don’t remember sampling much. I then worked the VIP hour (1-2) and once my shift was over, I got to walk around.

This is where I start forgetting. I walked around, saw some folks I know, and I guess I sampled beer. Somewhere around 4, I started not feeling good at all. I didn’t think it was drink related but more some bad food. In the arena where we are, we had discovered the visiting team locker room with bathrooms that most people would never see, as it is behind a curtain and down a hallway. Well, I excused myself from the booth and went to the bathroom, only to find myself violently throwing up. It all went to shit from there as I, apparently, passed out for a while. It all really went to shit when our friend who was with us found me, but instead of telling my husband, he told security. I awoke to find a cop at the door asking if I was ok and I was disoriented and confused; of course I was ok! But then I walked out to see that my husband was worried and then mad, at both me and our friend, who messed that up.

It all ended in a blur. They let the thing run one hour longer so then we had to hustle to clean up. We got driven home because, with my stupid ass, the cops said we could not drive, even though Ash had stopped drinking many hours before because he’d planned to run Sunday. Once home, I was already sober and our other friend drove me back to the center to get the car. It was embarrassing and real; he walked me through so much of it in a nice way. My husband was, understandably, mad at me and our friend made me feel much better. It was very humbling to be the person who made the mistake this time. Once I got back with the car, he was not as mad and explained how upset he was and worried. I put myself in a vulnerable position. He was like, ‘What if some dude found you in there and did bad things?’ Wow, point taken. I didn’t think about it because that is our bathroom; secluded and really, unbeknownst to most people.

We worked through it and I was still feeling pretty cruddy but slept ok. As details came back to me the next day, I cringed to realize how dumb I was. I look back and don’t know how I got to that sick level. Again, I am the one who paces myself, does things measurably so as to not end up in those precarious predicaments. I am always very aware of my drunk level and pretty good at holding off. But this time I guess I let myself loose and made it pretty awkward for all involved.

3 thoughts on “Writer’s workshop – Awkward!

  1. Sounds like you got sick on something not beer-related (and from the sound of it, you really were sick) and had your friend not made a huge deal about it by involving security (who then involved the police) and gotten your husband instead, none of it would have happened.

  2. Oh man, whatever you had sounds potent! I bet it would have gotten the best of any of us. I do hate that feeling though. We’re too old to feel like we got in trouble for something!

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