Wednesday ‘podge – Need a vacation

1. What’s something you’ve learned from a younger person? 

Hmm, tough one. I guess from my daughter I learned to let myself be carefree sometimes. She isn’t worried about a lot of stuff (as a nine year old shouldn’t) and one thing I love is that she most definitely will dance like no one is watching. And I admire that because I am always self-conscious.

2. Are you a perfectionist? Elaborate? 

You know, I think I am but then, I see myself so often getting to about 90-95% and saying, ‘Good enough’. Which feels like a cop-out but then I think, is there anything such as true perfection?

3. What makes you cringe? 

OK I hate to be political but that awful speech Biden gave last week was super cringey. I mean, the V for Vendetta imagery was pretty bad and calling half the country and its citizens a threat to our democracy is, well, pretty vomit-inducing. No matter where you stand, the leader of America insulting its people is just gross. But I guess, it is their way. Hillary did it when she called people deplorables. Sickening. I don’t know what ever happened to being cordial or at least civil. And just letting people make their own choices.

4. September is National Honey month…do you have bees and make your own? Know someone who has bees and they share? Your favorite thing made with honey? 

I do not but I have a friend who does. We just bought 9 pounds of it so we can use it in a beer recipe. I love that honey – straight from the bees and not the store kind in the honey-bear. They add too many extras. I guess my favorite thing with honey is the cornbread I make. Yum.

5. Where is your happy place? 

That’s an interesting one too. I guess “home” is a little too basic but it’s true. At least when I am home I can be myself. I’m not really that person at work. My second happy place would be the beach.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I. Am. So. Busy. I just got back from Isaac’s midday meet. He did ok; it got real hot, real fast today, considering it was my favorite day of the year: the first cool Fall morning. I look forward to it for months: that first time I open the door at 6:30 for Elliot to walk out to the bus and I’m greeted with that cool crisp hint of the promise of Fall.

But so yesterday, I woke at 6, got the kids all off to school and I worked 8:30-10:30 then had two in-person student conferences. Came home and had 11 more back to back on Zoom. I then took Elliot to get his learner’s permit (yikes!) and then he and I went to this new seafood place. Right after, we got Dakota from piano and had about 25 mins for them to change before heading back out to take them to dance and soccer, respectively. In between I got about 40 mins at home but I spent it talking to my mom and my husband. He’s down with my parents helping clear out my grandpa’s house. I got the kids around 7 then had to make dinner and all. By 9, I was exhausted! I even decided to just go up to bed. I watched some In Deep Geek, one of my favorite youtubers who talks about Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, then drifted off to sleep.

This morning, I left around 7:40 to run 8 miles, which was ok. Not the best run but I was glad when it was over! I immediately sat down to enter midterm grades for one place I teach, then I had 2 conferences (neither of them showed up!) then went to the meet and now I have about 8 students to talk to. I am holding it together ok; I’m just so tired of filling every available minute. For example, I had about 7 minutes between 9:53 and 10 am this morning before a conference so I decided I’d get my bbq chicken going in the crockpot. I had to hustle though and in my haste, I dropped the onion powder on the ground. Ugh! The worst part is that the girl didn’t even show up so I had an extra ten minutes I could have used. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘podge – Need a vacation

  1. How did I forget cornbread? For sure needs honey! I am with you on that speech. What a world we are living in. It gets a little bit more dystopian by the day. Hang in there with your busy schedule and all the activities. Make time for one of those beers : )

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