Random Tuesday – Solo parenting sucks

  • I have written about this before but I’ll say it again: whenever my husband goes out of town, there is a certain relief at the same time as it is downright awful. People are funny like that, you know? You take the people around you for granted because you are ALWAYS with them but then, when they go away, it’s like, oh shit, don’t leave!
  • I do plan to make the stinky foods he doesn’t like while he’s gone. That’s the one area I will say is easier: because he and I eat differently than the kids most days, it does alleviate the multiple meals aspect of my life. His absence compounds the taking kids to activities aspect though. For example, later today, I am taking Elliot to get his learner’s permit at 3, then he and I are going to eat seafood. Dakota has piano but she rides home with her friend (whose mom is the teacher) and she can stay a little later. I’ll get her then I have to take her to dance and Ell to soccer. Normally, Ash and I each take a kid, since both those events happen at the same time. Meanwhile, I will need to get Dakota to her studio a little early so Ell can be on time. It’ll be crazy but doable!
  • I feel like there is more I want to talk about but as I sit here looking at the next bullet point, I just feel at a loss. I don’t know why it is I cannot get myself to feel motivated. Guess it’s just the weight of everything aforementioned. I was tearing up in my car this morning but there was no true specific thing. I just needed to release whatever pressure had been building up. I will say, it was nice spending some of my Sunday in Dothan. My paternal grandparents were from there and after they moved back after having lived in Miami a long time, (maybe when I was 8 or so) we went there a lot, mostly for holidays. There are a lot of my family members still there but since my grandparents died, I don’t go often. It’ll always hold a little bit of a special place in my heart though. I know we’ll be back because the Peanut Cup is a tournament a lot of the classic soccer teams choose to participate in.
  • Yesterday actually turned out pretty well: got off work and hit the store. Soon as I got home I put some meatballs in the crockpot and then took my oldest to mow a friend’s lawn. (Brewing friends who are out of town). Glad we got that done because it did storm later. I finished making dinner around 5, since Isaac had practice, which only lasted 20 mins due to lightning. But he and Koda and I went to Target and bought a couple cheap Halloween things. When we got home we watched some football then, of course, I slept in my chair then went up to bed. I actually got good sleep for once! Makes a difference, let me tell you.
  • I used to obsessively check the forecast/radar but lately, I have backed off because, really, I can’t change or control the weather so why bother? But I accidentally clicked on it on my tablet home screen and saw that it’s not supposed to rain today or tomorrow. And you know that’s really nice. I need some sun! We may be moving into fall months but I still crave that warmth.
  • I’m trying to stay afloat today. Woke up earlier than my alarm by 20 mins and went ahead and got up. My stomach was not feeling well so that was ugh, even though I only had one cup of coffee. Got the kids off to school, started laundry, then went to work myself. I’m here now, trying to catch up but man, teaching all these sections is proving difficult simply because there’s not enough hours in the day. I leave LC at 10:30 then I have two face to face conferences before driving home and having 11 back to back zooms with my TCC kids. I mean, it’s a lot! I want to be on top of it but I just cannot seem to get there. Wish I had one of those clocks Hermione had in Harry Potter!
  • OK, that’s all the whining I have for now; it’s obvious that this is taking up time that I so dearly need to do work.

One thought on “Random Tuesday – Solo parenting sucks

  1. I don’t check the weather as much as I check the radar. Mary’s always asking “Is it supposed to rain?” at which point I check the radar (I have at least one app) to see what’s going on. Usually the answer is “no.” Dark clouds don’t always mean raiun…

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