Random Tuesday – Long weekend recap, mostly

  • I just logged into work and in the chat, told my co-workers that I am physically present but not yet, mentally. And this is the truest thing I have said today: I am just… not here. I am feeling a little annoyed, a little judgy, and just not into the whole thinking thing just yet. Maybe blogging about my weekend will help me get there.
  • I cannot really complain about my weekend because it was really good – balanced even. On Friday, Ash and I went to BJs and had a nice meal. They had 10 dollar specials so I had a hot ham and cheese with tomato soup and he got chicken alfredo. We had chips and salsa and guac and then two flights. A few of their beers had off-flavors (specifically, DMS, which is in all beer but if it goes above the limit, it comes off as a slightly buttery popcorn taste; gross) I thought it was a nice meal though and we had some beer at home then cut off around 7. Around 3 AM, Ash woke up not feeling good. That much later, it could not have been drink, but rather, food. I wasn’t sick though so it was weird.
  • Saturday we had just flag football practice for Isaac and I grabbed Elliot from his friend’s house, where he’d spent the night. In the afternoon, Isaac went to the movies and we pretty much just did stuff around the house like transfer beer and clean, etc. It was a nice, restful Saturday.
  • Sunday was not; lol. Ash and I both ran then I went to the store because I’d forgotten to get side dishes for an afternoon party. Around 9:45 we went to our friend’s house to have him fix the self-propel belt on the mower. Hung around there a bit; looked at his new chicken coop, drank a few beers. Went home around 2:30 and rested, made guacamole. Left at 4 for a pool party at another friend’s and that was nice. Home around 7 and just watched the FSU/LSU game, which was insane. I was TIRED by then so I was just in and out of sleep (those Delta 9 gummies don’t help with staying awake either; ha!) But I got a great night sleep afterwards.
  • Monday was a pretty free day; I eased into it, puttering around the house, doing laundry. We had burgers around noon. Dakota went to her friend’s house from 2-4 and then to the other neighbors’ because they wanted to take her to buy her birthday gift instead of just guess what she wanted. We mostly just relaxed and I was thankful to not be at work.
  • Today is going pretty quickly; I clock out at 10:30 and I teach at 11. It’s already 9:30 so yeah, I’m excited. Tuesday is by far my longest day; when I leave I have to go to the store, then I have a little time between getting home and Ash’s arrival, wherein he’ll do a run and I’ll get Koda from piano then make our food. Then we have to take two kids to their activities, then get up to the middle school for Isaac’s meet, then go back and get the others kids. THEN I’ll make them food. It’ll be a little bit of a late meal but that’s how it goes when you have all those extracurriculars. I saw a meme about that not long ago and it was something like, ‘If you’re a sports parent, you know your kids either eat at 4 pm or 8 pm; there’s no in between.’ So true!
  • I definitely do not feel like I’m very with it today; not sure of it’s because I didn’t sleep well or just because it’s the Tuesday after a three day weekend but I am just not myself. That being said, I’m off to catch up on other things. I did manage to grade all week one assignments for one of my places of employment. But let’s think happy new job thoughts for this week!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Long weekend recap, mostly

  1. After a three day weekend I always had a tough time getting started on a work day. You’ll do better tomorrow.

    Glad you had a good weekend.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

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