Friday five – good mood, Fall might be coming, three day weekend

  1. Ok I have to admit: I have experienced something akin to happiness this week. While I also felt off for some of it, I managed to blast through work and keeping on top of stuff really bolsters my mood. For how long I can keep up has yet to be seen, but for now, I’m there.
  2. Yesterday, I was going to run after I took Isaac to practice but I ended up cleaning bathrooms then getting out the fall decorations. I was nearly giddy thinking about them and I haven’t felt that in years! Mostly, before kids and when they were little, I got super into fall decorating because it’s my favorite time of year but as we got bogged down by everything else in life, I found that September and October would roll around and I reluctantly pulled each bin out and doped out décor just to make kids happy.
  3. When my middle child saw the bins he too was excited and really, he’s the one who pulled out all the autumn items and started putting them on the hearth and mantle. We’ll leave those up for a bit, then intersperse Halloween when it’s time, then go back to fall and put some Thanksgiving things out. Of course, soon as that’s over, out comes the Xmas things. I have more of those than anything, even though I really enjoy Halloween more.
  4. I said to my oldest, as he plodded out the door at 6:20 am, in the dark, that one of these mornings we will walk out and be greeted by cooler temps. This is the month, even here in (north) Florida. I can’t wait. Not because I mind the heat – because I really don’t – but I just enjoy that shift into fall: cool mornings, football season, early Christmas shopping, family holidays. (Winter in N. Florida isn’t until January so you see what I mean)
  5. I work 2.5 hours in the LC today then Ash and I may go to BJ’s because I saw they had $10 lunch specials. Tomorrow we don’t have any plans really but Sunday we’re going out to get the mower worked on (by our friend) then we got invited to a friend’s place for a pool gathering later that afternoon. Haven’t seen them in a while; they’re girl scout folks but the wife has always annoyed me. The husband never bothered me until he bailed out on our fantasy football league at the very last second last year. Sigh. Oh well; we’ll probably go because we don’t typically deny plans, if we can make them work. Yay for three day weekends and relaxing time off!

3 thoughts on “Friday five – good mood, Fall might be coming, three day weekend

  1. I love that you have experienced some happiness this week! Yay!! I need to go over to our shell of a house and go into the attic (the lower attic wasn’t burned at all) and see if I can find a bin of fall decorations. That would boost my spirits!

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