Wednesday ‘Podge – End of the month

1. Something you’ve labored over recently? 

My calendar and schedule of events! As noted, we are BUSY (there isn’t even a word to describe just how) and I need my calendar to keep it all straight. BUT I did manage to get it all organized. Plus, Ash and I decided to try to have a pre-bed meeting to look it over for the next day so we know what’s coming up. That has really helped, actually.

2. How will you rest on Labor Day? 

Hmm, not sure. We might be hanging out with the neighbors but it depends; their kids have colds right now and have not been at school. On Saturday we are going to our friend’s house to get the self-propel belt replaced on the mower. My Labor Day plan so far includes hamburgers and maybe swimming. Definitely beer.

3. Margaret Mead is quoted as saying, “I learned the value of hard work by working hard.” Would you agree? Where and how did you learn the value of hard work? 

Yes, that’s a great quote. I think knowing how to work (without giving up or complaining) is invaluable to people, especially children. I see too many slack-asses in this world and they clearly never learned this. My parents made me do chores and yard work and I really learned that once you get the necessary stuff done, then you can play/relax. Without it, is it even fun to do those things? For me, it is not. I have to earn time off.

4. It’s National Eat Outside Day (August 31st). Will you? Do you enjoy dining ‘al fresco’ or prefer indoor seating? 

Not right now; it’s pretty warm outside. Last time we did this was two weekends ago when we met friends up in Bainbridge and went to Southern Philosophy. I spotted a big indoor table but then found that our friend, Ian, had gotten one out in their back courtyard and good Lord was it hot! We ended up moving back inside to the nice cool table. Now, Ash and I plan to have lunch on Friday and if, for some random reason, the weather decides to be a little cooler, maybe we’ll eat under the covered area at Bumpa’s.

5. Somehow it’s the end of August. What was the best day of the month for you and tell us what made it so? 

Um, I’m not sure I had a good day this month! No, I cannot say that. I am sure we did. Monday was pretty good. And the day before my daughter’s birthday was good because we got so much yardwork done and I was tired in a good way. I am sure I had another one but I can’t think of it; August was pretty stressful.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

This has been a very long, hard month. I actually find #5 to be an intriguing question because I have very much struggled, at the same time as I got it together in many ways. The start of the semester for the kids and me doing slightly different things with my schedule really threw me for a loop. But I am also a lot more on top of things because of it, if that makes any sense.

I can tell you this: I didn’t have near enough downtime for me; I didn’t sit in the sun on my back deck enough, nor did I take care of things I normally do. For example, I’ve been having this sinus pressure every afternoon, increasing in the evenings. Apparently this is normal for it to be worse at that time of day. I don’t think I have an infection, because I figure then I’d feel it all the time. But the pressure is making my eyes all blurry. I have decided that’s my eye issue and not just, you know, sudden eye decline or something. Yeah, I’m 43 and it’s time for stuff to fall apart but it was so sudden, it has to be that. And have I used my neti pot every day? Nope. I DID, however, sit by the diffuser with Digize in it on Monday. I reached out to my YoungLiving person and asked her what the heck to use, because my normal oregano, peppermint, lemon, and tea tree in boiling water has not been working as well.

It’s hard sometimes to work in personal care (I refuse to call it self-care) when you have kids and a husband and a house and jobs. It’s like, when you get a minute to sit, you don’t do that stuff, even though it looks like you have a free minute. There’s just no energy to do it!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘Podge – End of the month

  1. I do hope September is a brighter month for you. My allergies are acting up so something new has bloomed. I think it might be the grass. Your thoughts on hard work reminded me of that old saying, ‘Hard work is its own reward’. I think that’s true too and always feel good about getting a job done, especially one I didn’t want to do in the first place. Grab a little r and r this long weekend! Cheers!

  2. Sorry your calendar is so full. Great answer on that quote. It’s been too warm almost everywhere to sit outside to eat. Sounds like your August has been very tough on you. Mine wasn’t so great either.

  3. I enjoyed your answers and could relate to a few of them. I agree, sometimes it is tough finding time for ourselves. May September be filled with some really good days.

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