Random Tuesday – Writing as catharsis, busy busy, is it Wednesday yet?

  • I’ve kept a written journal since fourth grade. I never wrote every day but there are A LOT of filled notebooks. I still have one but am not very good about keeping up; my last entry was 8/22 but Monday morning, I was compelled to write again. Sometimes I wake up and just play mindless tablet games while I listen to Youtube but it felt right to put pen to paper and expound.
  • In said entry, I literally detailed how I have to compartmentalize my days in order to get through them and in doing so, I realized two things: I have SO much going on BUT I am also able to accomplish so much and hold it together.
  • Here’s my daily breakdown, in case you too want to feel tired: all five weekdays I wake up at 6 and have about 25 mins to drink coffee and read/play tablet games/write until my son goes to the bus. Then I have about 15 mins before my daughter is downstairs and getting ready. I see her to the neighbors’ to get driven to school then take my middle to cross country practice before going to work. (3/5 days anyway; the other two I am home.) Monday nights my middle has flag practice; Tuesdays, my daughter has piano until 3:45 and I get her, then get some food in 2/3 of my kids before those two go to different practices at 5:30. Wednesday is technically free but XC has moved some of the normally-Thursday meets. They are W, W, Tu, Th, Th, Th instead. One of them is at 8:30 PM instead of 6:30. Thursday my oldest has soccer and every first and third Thursday my daughter has girl scouts. My Fridays are free. This does not include our other activities such as once a month Executive committee meeting for Brew club, once a month brew club meeting itself, and anything else we’d like to do! This also doesn’t include weekends:
  • Once soccer and flag football games commence, Saturdays will be INSANE: one game per boy at two different fields AND my oldest will be reffing some of the flag games. He typically has afternoon soccer so he could potentially work all morning then go play. Once NFL starts, Sundays will be all-day TV viewing, eating, and drinking. I am tired just thinking about it at the same time as I admit I like staying busy. Just some things might have to be toned down. Some things might not make it into the rotation and time frames, such as personal things or making every invite we get with friends.
  • I am struggling to work my training runs in too; been doing my longs on Wednesdays since that’s my one at-home-all-day-day, but even then, I need that time to catch up on grading and stuff. Last week, my 5 miler was…not good. I struggled mightily. Here’s hoping my 6 this week is better.
  • In training for this job last week or so, we did a little thing where we had to write a fun fact that people may not know about us. I mentioned I liked metal music. This week, there’s a bingo sheet with random facts and people here have to walk around and find out who belongs to which fact. So far, I have surprised quite a few folks. I love throwing people for a loop.
  • I had my interview for IIR yesterday and I think it went well. Same ladies as last time so there was that connection. I’m really hoping this is it this time. I think a positive thing is that they asked when I’d be available, if I got hired, to come into the office for a bit to learn, even though it is a virtual position.
  • We had a nice evening for my oldest’s 15th birthday yesterday. He wanted Island Wings so we left right as my middle got home and had an early dinner. Wings were better than the time before and it was kids eat free day. We then went and had ice cream and Isaac went to flag. At one point, I was home basically alone, as my oldest headed back to his room and my daughter went with Ash and middle boy. I sat in my chair, listened to music, and wrote in my journal. That was just really nice, ya know?
  • I’m early to work so I can catch up but man, if I get this other job, peace out, Learning Commons! I won’t miss you!

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