Random Tuesday – Random bullets!

  • I feel… relatively normal now. I mean, this summer was rough, between my grandpa dying and the lack of money and all, I have felt off. Ash was irritated Friday because of all the stresses of owning a house and all that junk but we made it through, not without some tears. But hey, sometimes it’s good to talk. I always forget that I need to talk shit out before it gets too much.
  • The first day back on campus for Fall was fun; the new term always is, even though I am so anti-college these days. I guess I do still like learning; it’s the entire complex that created the idea that school was simply a commodity that makes me jaded. That and all the insanity that invaded the people (I mean, all that woke shit.)
  • Monday is my longest day in the LC (5.5 hours) but today, I’m only here 2 before I go teach. I like holding this other job on campus but for the most part, it annoys me. The people are, generally, pretty cool, but there are a few I’d really love to avoid.
  • I’ve been having weird flashes of memories or moments lately – stuff like, the sun on a field I always pass when taking kids to sports, and the way the first cool Fall morning will feel. I think it’s the “coming out of summer” thing that I go through pretty much every year around this time. I am ready for…something else. The summer just had a pall about it I didn’t care for.
  • If we are being totally honest, I want to do about a three day fast, to make up for the fact I’ve eaten poorly lately and possibly ward off the illness that keeps trying to creep in. I think it would really solve so many of my problems. We did decide that we won’t eat today at least. We had steak, baked potatoes, and corn last night so hopefully I can make it through. I mean, I KNOW I can; done it many times. But since we have not been doing it regularly like we were, it’ll be a bit rough. I welcome the challenge!
  • Cross Country really kicks off this week, with Isaac having his first meet tomorrow. It’s weird that they’ve changed the days though; used to be that all meets were on Thursday evenings with the exception of the one Wednesday mid-morning run. But now we have two Wednesday evening runs and a Tuesday one. It’s weird and kind of annoying BUT it does mean that if flag football falls during, say, Thursday (this happened to Elliot one year) then he won’t miss each of the weekday practices for that. It’s all so much and makes my brain want to explode but I know I’ll make it.
  • That said, I need to figure out my morning runs. I can do it Wednesdays for sure because I’m off entirely. And Thursdays I have more morning time. But I think I need to get up Monday and throw my clothes on so I can leave the moment my son does for the bus. Just a two miler is all I have time for but at least I can squeeze it in. Then my other maintenance runs have to be during the weekend. As a mom and wife and worker, how the heck does anyone organize their own personal time?? I realized that this morning as I drove the Isaacs to XC practice; there’s a run on October 8th and chances are, both boys will have a game of some sort that day. Um, how in the heck will I get them there? Guess I will worry about that some time in September!
  • My final word of note today is that the new Game of Thrones show is not TOO bad. I am, so far, giving it a 7/10. Also, I barely recognized Matt Smith as Damon Targaryen so that was nuts. He’s also the best part of this show so far.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Random bullets!

  1. I hope you get in a good groove soon. It’s hard to get out of an awful rut.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  2. Sounds like it’s been a tough summer. You aren’t alone. I think I have worked through some demons. School starts next week, and fall and winter are coming. We just have to focus on one day at a time.

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