Well, I’m on day 2 of my week off from my part-time job and admittedly, have not been as productive as I’d like to have been. Yesterday I got the kids off to school on their first day, then I honestly did very little for a while. Drank my coffee and watched some youtube, before running to the grocery store then attempting to get Chipotle but ours is apparently temporarily closed. Sigh. So I got Tijuana Flats, which is not as good, then had a meeting.

After that, I ran a quick errand to the battery/bulb store and then I didn’t do much else. I’m just sort of blah and you’d think I would be so happy, since I’m free! Today I got Koda to the neighbors’ to get to school and I took Isaac to school early for a pre-tryout run for cross country. And so far, I haven’t done much other than check my various sites. I’m ahead on grading but I do need to get some stuff set up. I’m just waiting for that motivation to hit!

Funny enough, now that I can spend money again and I’m staring down fall semester, I somehow still feel like I’m stress eating more than normal. I guess I am still adjusting to this weird month when everything happens: school for them, dance starts, soccer starts, flag football begins at the end of the month, and somewhere before October, we have to make our way back down South to get the things we’ve claimed from my grandfather’s estate. At this point, I think Ash may go by himself (obviously meeting my parents there) just so we don’t have to make a huge family trip out of it. They want to get his house on the market soon before prices waver. But geez, there’s just a lot on the horizon!

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