Friday Five – It’s happening fast!

  1. SO, I’m going to admit that I am now an almost-all-the-time Delta 8 user… when I’m going to sleep. I’d bought a tincture with just CBD and CBN a while ago but then moved to the one with actual Delta 8 in it, 600 mg. Picked up the 1200 and while it does work, the Delta 9 gummies do a much better job. However, there’s a trick to it: don’t take a full (I have tried half and a quarter) and you have to take it at least an hour before bed or else it’ll knock you out and make mornings awful. I slept from 10:30-6 without interruption last night but I was dragging when that alarm went off! I do like that it’s legal (for now). I was never much of a pot smoker but at least I can reap some benefits without breaking the law.
  2. I did get up and get the kids off to school, then ran two miles and vacuumed the pool. Now I am catching up on various work for my jobs and I am looking forward to going out to eat and then getting ready to brew tomorrow. We’re having a club brew and we’ll be lugging our things to a friend’s house. I don’t mind doing it that way but it can be annoying. We’re brewing a basic red ale so it won’t be as work-intensive as some, like a stout or something.
  3. I just went in to buy Ell’s soccer kit and I don’t appreciate that the site won’t let me pick and choose; they pre-populate the shorts/shorts/socks he needs but there’s no way to choose no shorts or socks, which we don’t need. Sigh. What a racket. At least I earned points and maybe I can get a deal on a jersey for Ash for Christmas.
  4. Speaking of Christmas, you know it’s gonna be here before you know it. I went looking for Halloween stuff yesterday and it wasn’t really around, just eclipsed by Xmas displays already going up. I hate that!
  5. I need a day to relax but in all honesty, I am so bad about just sitting around that I need to give up that dream. It won’t be enjoyable anyway.

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