Thursday 13 – Smooooth

Today, I’m highlighting 13 of the Yacht Rock Deep Cuts that I really love. I found so many B-Sides from listening to this Sirius XM Xtra channel and I’m just loving it!

I tried to find the website for Thursday 13 but it blocked me from it and then, when I did a google search, here’s what came up. This kind of thing makes me want to hurt people:

  1. Seals and Croft – If and Any Day. This is such a good song! It’s upbeat, jaunty, and it deals with fathers and sons not understanding each other, but trying.

2. Boz Scaggs – Harbor Lights. I already liked a lot of his songs but this was a new one for me. He came here not too long ago and I regret not making a point to get tickets.

3. Ambrosia – Holdin’ on to Yesterday. Oh what a great slow song this is! Emotional, funky, and just… awesome.

4. Michael McDonald – I Can Let Go Now. We all know this guy is the king of smooth but here’s one that was unknown to me until this channel.

5. Airplay – Nothing you Can do About It – Definitely had never heard this song before but man is it catchy!

6. Robbie Dupree – Hot Rod Hearts – This is a great song that I actually do remember hearing on the radio when I was little.

7. Ambrosia – If Heaven Could Find Me – You’ll see a lot of this band if you listen to ye olde yacht rock deep cuts.

8. America – Daisy Jane. I’m fond of almost all the bands named after places, such as America, Kansas, Boston, etc. But this song is nice and smooth.

9. Keni Burke – Risin’ to the Top. Love this one.

10. Steve Miller Band – Wild Mountain Honey. Took me a bit to get into this song but it grew on me.

11. Dave Loggins – Fool in Me. I shared this on a Monday post, I’m sure, but this is one of my favorite finds on this channel.

12. David Pack – She Don’t (Come Around Here Anymore). Another Monday share, I love this song. I was all, who the heck is David Pack?? Then I realized he’s from Ambrosia!

13. The Rippingtons – Tourist in Paradise. The epitome of smooth?

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