Wednesday ‘podge – I skipped last week so here I am now!

1. Do you have a sister? Tell us something about her. If you don’t have a sister, tell us about a friend who has been like a sister. Or tell us about a sister-in-law if you have one who is extra special. 

I do, in fact, have one sister. She is almost six years younger than me and is a life-long retail worker. We haven’t always been close but we do get along. I think we both have similar personalities in that we don’t need mushy stuff. We do come together on some music, gothic style, and in loving breakfast foods – though she prefers sausage whereas I’d take bacon every day. She and I have talked about getting matching breakfast food tattoos and someday we just might! I’m posting a recent photo below. Can you identify me and her?

2. Resister, assister, insister, persister…choose one of the words listed and explain how it relates to you and your life lately. 

I guess I’ll go with “persister” because even though some things have been frustrating and exasperating and downright depressing, I have persisted in staying afloat. Have I had some rough times? You bet your ass I have but I did persist. (This is not to be confused with the ridiculous “nevertheless she persisted” slogan of a few years ago. Ugh.)

3. Share a favorite song, book, movie, or television program that features sisters.

Hmm, this is a tough one for me. The only thing I could think of was Bones and only because I watched that a lot and the main character has a funky sister who comes in now and then but the funnier part is that it’s that actress’s real-life sister (The Deschanel sisters).

4. August 3rd is national watermelon day…are you a fan? Do you like watermelon flavored candy? Besides eating the melon as is, do you have a good recipe made with watermelon? 

Eh, when it’s really good, yes. But for the most part, I feel like it’s a sub-par fruit for me. It’s also really high on the glycemic index so you aren’t benefitting from eating it; just getting a lot of excess sugars. I do not care for the flavoring in candy. And I guess if I was going to eat it, I would have one of those mint and feta salads. I saw a video the other day where someone made watermelon flavored popcorn and um, no thanks.

5. ‘Tis August…what are three things you’re looking forward to this month? 

The 7th, when the credit card turns over; lol. I can buy the kids’ back to school stuff. Also looking forward to the normal routine of school. And I guess the one other thing is having one week off from the tutoring center. They shut down for a bit then I go back for two days of training before the actual semester starts. It’s been a long time since I was in the house by myself and I honestly can’t wait! I plan to clean a lot, catch up on my various jobs, and probably sit in the sun some. My awesome summer tan is starting to fade, since it’s been so damn hot lately.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I spent (or rather, got trapped) talking to a co-worker all morning. She and I do not see eye to eye on many things (she’s a Socialist!) but we did agree on certain things. I just wish I hadn’t spent so long chatting. However, I got a phone call and that allowed me the time to step away. Lots to say about what’s going on in my world but I will have to recap that at another time.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘podge – I skipped last week so here I am now!

  1. I just had a watermelon salad prepared by our chef at work. It was small chunks of watermelon with feta cheese and red onions (I picked out the onions) with an Italian type dressing.

  2. My hubs just saw a recipe for watermelon popcorn and I said no thanks. I love watermelon but watermelon flavored stuff not so much. I need to do a big clean this month too. We have central vac and the motor burned out (my hubs LOVES to vacuum-lol) and we’ve been waiting on the replacement part to come in. It’s here, now the challenge of getting the repair actually scheduled. Enjoy your alone time. We all need that from time to time.

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