MMMM + Catching up after time away

I have returned from the Great Hot South, i.e. Palm Beach, Florida. I thought it was hot here in the armpit of Florida but no, it is decidedly worse down there. We left early Wednesday – about a 6 hours drive – and didn’t have much traffic. We stopped at the St. Augustine Buc-ees and then for lunch in Melbourne.

When we got to our airbnb, everyone went to different rooms to just chill. It was a long drive and since we were there to attend a funeral, I feel like everyone was pretty stressed. We had some beer and watched a mid-90s Clint Eastwood movie and then we all had a little bit of a family pow wow; sometimes you just have to cry about shit, you know?

We were a little later getting to my aunt’s than anticipated but that’s ok; we made it work. Got there a little after 7, ordered the kids a pizza, and chatted with my parents and aunt. Left before 10 and then slept like a rock.

Thursday was a loose day; the kids swam in the neighborhood pool, Ash and I went to a brewery/restaurant, then back over to my grandpa’s house to start making lasagnas. My sister and Justin didn’t plan to be there until 7 so we prepped for that then ate and left for our airbnb a little earlier than the night before; we all had a busy Friday ahead of us.

We had to check out by 10 but we needed to be to the funeral home by 11 so we left around 9, went to my grandpa’s house and got dressed. The service there was very nice; a few of his neighbors came and then some extended family. For as many people as my grandpa knew, most of them he outlived! My dad got up and spoke, as well as a friend and a neighbor, and I did too, though I left out one of the parts. I didn’t make any notes, just went off the cuff, but I think it turned out alright. My husband recorded it so some day, I will go back and watch it!

After the memorial service, we drove to the cemetery and they had a very short thing there but also, the American Legion did an honor guard thing, which was cool and unexpected. I’m glad veterans get something; seems like we often forget all about them. We’re all still benefitting from the WW2 vets’ sacrifices so we should be doing things like that! Sadly, we had to head out very soon after all that but it was best that we did; everyone was tired and overemotional so the drive home helped balance.

We got in about 9:30, so that wasn’t too late. The next morning, I did a bit of cleaning and we ate breakfast (weird for those of us who do not) because we had a beer festival from 10-3. It was pretty fun; HOT though. I was glad we got home early anyway. Ash and I watched the first Halloween and then Bloodsport. I needed that relaxing time; my psyche is in need of a reset. It’s been so stressful with a lot of unknowns.

This morning, I am getting back to normal; as normal as can be when we are still in-between. The kids go back on the 10th so we are still in a weird time. I have so many things I need to do prior to school starting that I had better make a list. I usually do live off lists but lately, I feel like even getting to the point of writing one is difficult; as if putting things into words make them too real, too heavy. But I had better tackle that soon!


Is it a freebie week? Reading others’ posts, that’s what I am gathering. I was thinking about some stuff going on with me personally, and not feeling like I fit in (which I never have and don’t really want to) so I picked a song whose theme is about being yourself and not worrying what others think.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Catching up after time away

  1. The American Legion does very well by the veterans and sends them off with as close to military honors as you can get. That said, the guys who showed up for my father-in-law’s funeral provided comic relief. They tried to play a tape of “Taps,” which got jammed in the tape player, then during the 21-gun salute, one of the guns fell apart and the commander was heard to say “what the hell happened now?” My mother-in-law, who had just lost her husband of over 60 years, got the biggest kick out of that, and even the priest laughed. God bless them…

    1. I hate to laugh at that but they really are just people trying to make it look right. Our folks had a little recording device inside the trumpet and I thought that was amusing. If went off without a hitch, luckily.

      1. Considering the lack of respect (even open contempt) that the official military shows the nation’s veterans, the American Legion and VFW do a tremendous service. It meant a lot to my mother-in-law that they were there.

  2. My Dad was a WWII vet and it’s strange, although he belonged to two vet organizations I don’t remember any kind of military honors at his funeral and I don’t think the family even got a flag (something I didn’t know about until later on). Too many of us d forget – it isn’t as bad as it was during, for example, the Vietnam War era, but we could do much better by our vets. Good song choice. Alana ramblinwitham

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