Random Tuesday – Just catching up

  1. “Out of sorts” doesn’t even begin to explain my current disposition, though as of now (Monday actually) I feel like I am handling this in-between very well. You know how I do it? I don’t think too far ahead. I think about what I’ll make for dinner, what I can do to pack up, etc.
  2. This new boss of mine is a real piece of work. Nevermind the fact that she is gender confused; she’s also always “unwell” but I don’t think she is actually sick. Far be it for me to judge, but she’s still in her 90 day probation period and is out at least once a week. I just don’t understand things, I guess.
  3. So, I used to never be a horror movie person. I would think too much about certain aspects and never be able to sleep. But lately, I’ve realized that I can probably handle the old ones at least – the classics. A few months ago we watched Nightmare on Elm Street, which I had seen a long time ago. Sunday night we watched Friday the 13th. All my horror knowledge comes from Ice Nine Kills songs so I know almost all the major premises, just has not seen them. I didn’t think it was all that scary but it was pretty well-done, for a campy horror from 1980.
  4. I took a run yesterday because after a sun shower, things somehow cooled off. It was actually a pretty good run too; I didn’t feel all-out exhausted. Sometimes the first few of a training season are rough but this was the fourth one I’d done recently. Took a little bit to get going I guess.
  5. My middle child is having a rough time right now. He’s the one who is taking my grandfather’s passing the hardest. On top of that, he has to miss the last day of camp (and his last day in general, as he ages out next year), he’s missing a rafting trip with the church, and yesterday at camp a kid threw a Frisbee right at him and he has a HUGE bruise to the side of his eye. Poor thing.
  6. Time seems to be passing pretty quickly at work, which is good and bad. I have to get all my weekly work done now since we’ll be traveling for the funeral and all.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Just catching up

  1. Love your random Tuesday. We all need to do this. I will clear our heads for sure.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  2. Hi there! First time visiting your blog. Thanks for visiting mine! I’m sorry for your loss — grandparents are so special! As for horror movies, it’s a hard NO for me. I do like suspense thrillers, but not horror. I do remember watching a movie called Freak Show about 40 years ago, but I think that was just plain scary!

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