MMMM + Weekend in Dunedin

Oh Lordy, where do I begin? Well, I only worked until 11:30 Friday and then headed to home to pack up and head out. We and three other couples had planned a trip to Dunedin to go to the myriad breweries they have there (more on the fallout later). We had a really cool time; hit nine places, sampled A LOT of beer, and had a pretty good time. For the most part, no one had any issues. Those who wanted to go off and do other things did and the rest of us went elsewhere. For the most part, it was one big fun group trip.

This morning though, one of the guys on the committee for the brew club (all the folks were from this group) was a little butt-hurt that we posted photos to the group Facebook page, stating we should not have since it was not a club-sanctioned event. Well, I don’t see why it would matter if some people in the group want to go out and drink; we are not a drinking society, we are a homebrew society. Had we done a special brewing event without others, that would be different. Besides, though we have 40-50 members and only about 15 ever participate – and 8 of them where on the trip – I didn’t figure any of that mattered. Oh well. People can feel how they want; I just want to do what I want to do.

Anyway, I’m getting past that BS and trying to live my life. I CANNOT WAIT until Fall begins – my teaching as well as the kids going back to school. I need that normalcy. And part of it is two-fold: we have to go down South for this funeral starting Wednesday and then I know we are on the brink of the kids’ schedules changing again so it’s like I’m holding my breath. I need to go back to our normal busy lives, not this wonky Summer life. I know people love it but I crave routine.

I’m working to catch up on my jobs right now but it’s only a half day. I am not sure what else I plan to do today other than clean up in the house and try to feel “normal” for the 2.5 days we are home before traveling again. Sigh.


Oh y’all ain’t gonna like this one!

All their songs are based on horror movies an I’m pretty sure this one is from Hostel? Never saw it but it’s kind of amusing.

Here’s a funnier one though. You all know it from Vacation.

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Weekend in Dunedin

  1. Glad you had a good time on your trip, and too bad for the guy who’s upset you published it on your group page. I liked the second song better than the first…

  2. I’ve only been to Dunedin once. I am looking into visiting there again this winter, perhaps for a week, perhaps a little more. Such a cute downtown, and oh, all that grouper to eat. And, of course ,no snow. People can get so petty online, especially on Facebook. This Ice Nine Kills song is new to me, I would rate it “OK” (just a little too heavy for me, but I like some of their other music.) Lindsey Buckingham’s song has become quite the classic.

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