Friday Five – Funerals, weekends, stress but not?

  1. But you know me: I’m writing this on a Thursday. On Wednesday evening, my grandfather passed away so now we are trying to get all the plans hammered out. The funeral is Friday next week, which is not ideal. We have something we need to do Saturday and Isaac will have to miss a white water rafting thing with the church. I highly doubt I can get a refund. But it means we don’t have to miss the boys’ dentist appointment Tuesday. If you miss one of those you’re screwed for another six months!
  2. This new job is very interesting in that it’s a very relaxed environment and we tutor as people come in but it is also very clear that the new boss (who has been here all of almost 3 months) is cracking down on any kind of camaraderie. She wants us to sit quietly and wait for folks to show up but we should not interact or chat. But I tell you this much: some folks are trying to rat others out and you can tell exactly who they are from the get-go. Sad that people can’t just mind their own business. They are also rearranging desks and whatnot and while I am pretty temporarily set up in this one little corner, I can’t help but feel that these people a. like to move folks around for the fun of it and b. are clearly bored and making up stuff to do. Sigh. Fall can’t come soon enough; I’ll only be here 11 hours a week and won’t be sweating it that much. (Also, the theme for the rats in here seems to be “It’s ok when we do it!” They all go in each others’ offices and chat but no one else can? Get off your high horses, folks.)
  3. As I type this on Thursday, I feel very adrift. I clearly have some kind of head cold but I think I am beating it with essential oils. I don’t have time to be sick. I really want to eat though. What is it they say? “Starve a fever, feed a cold?” I can handle a cold all day. I do tend to feel better when I get up and move around so I plan to do more of that. (On Friday – I think I may have sweat it out; getting up and moving around made me feel better yesterday and I woke up today feeling fine. I have time to get sick later but definitely not right now!)
  4. (Friday!) Last night, Ash and I brewed an oatmeal stout that I hope is going to turn out well. We made a pale age months ago and on first taste, the hops hit but there wasn’t much body. We tried it again last night and it was good! Funny that we think beer should be “fresh” but I find letting it age a little helps a lot!
  5. Ash and I are going with 3 other couples down to Dunedin this weekend to visit breweries. I am excited about it at the same time as it makes me nervous. My husband is a go-getter when it comes to this kind of trip. He wants to hit as many places as possible and I don’t know if these low-key folks will be as gung-ho as he is. He may just have to calm it down a little! But I has better keep my cool about it and not say anything. LOL. Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend!

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