Writer’s Workshop – Far away from here

2. List 9 things you’d rather be doing today.

OK Here goes; some of these are barring X; so if I had X I’d be doing Y.

I’d rather be:

  1. Shopping. For some reason I have this nagging feeling like I want to shop. For what? Don’t know. I don’t like to peruse stores, typically. I go to places when I need something specific. But in my sad days lately, I keep getting images of the mall pop up and yeah, maybe I just want to go spend some money. Retail therapy!
  2. Laying on a beach. It’s been pretty rainy lately and I have definitely not gotten enough sun. I sat out a little bit ago but my tan is starting to fade and that makes me sad!
  3. At home instead of work but alas, I now work part time in an office. It’s good – it makes money – but I need days at home too. The day the kids go back to school will be the start of one week of not working here in between semesters so though I won’t be making money, I will have time to catch up at home. I need it!
  4. Eating really good food. Though we may go out tonight with the kids, I am back to a little more regulated fasting so I am pretty hungry. But it’s good; my body does better this way.
  5. Teaching. As noted, I wish it were Fall already. This in-between time I’m in because of Summer and all is just not setting well with me. I am ready for the routine of Fall; to know my kids are all back in school and whatnot. (I realize this sounds crazy)
  6. (This one is more imaginary) Hanging out with my parents in Pensacola. We always have fun there, do cool stuff like eat out and drink at breweries and enjoy time with them. But with my grandpa on hospice and all, even if they were home, it would be under stressful situations. I look forward to when they’re all done with that so they can go home and get back to their normal lives. (As normal as it can be anyway)
  7. Having a free day – this one is a little like being home all day and shopping, because I’d probably do that too. But I want a day where I can choose what I want to do, like maybe take a long trail walk or go looking for a new pair of shorts or maybe even taking myself out to eat something special. I just need the freedom to do so.
  8. Sleeping. My body is trying to get sick but I won’t let it. I have successfully warded off stuff before and I’ll do it again. I have way too much to do coming up to be ill. I also believe that if we can mentally make ourselves ill, then we can think our way to healthiness as well.
  9. I’d rather NOT be thinking about how, next week probably, we have to go 6.5 hours to South Florida for a funeral. My grandpa died last night around 7, peacefully. I knew it was imminent and the stressful part is really just the traveling. But he is definitely in a better place now.

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