Friday Five – Needing normalcy; trying to find happiness but it’s difficult

  1. I got my car back from the shop and it drives like a dream! And then about a mile from work, the VSA, emergency, and engine lights all came on. I called the repair place that just fixed a bunch of things and they of course said they won’t know unless they look at it but it’s fine so long as it isn’t acting weird. Then the whole car did this weird lurching forward/chugging motion, just once. So now I am thinking I had better tow it to the place. UGH. I tell you this: I ain’t paying for a fix. That was on them; that has never happened before.
  2. I randomly got a paycheck from a place I work and as far as I knew, I wasn’t teaching until Fall. Turned out to be some kind of random incentive for adjuncts. That’s pretty nice of them! It wasn’t a lot of money but every little bit helps.
  3. Still a little on edge about getting sick but I apparently warded off whatever Ash had. Now there’s an older man in here where I work, hacking up a lung. He’d better keep it over there!
  4. I’m trying not to be sad about my grandfather’s decline. He’s 96 and has lived through so much, accomplished so much, that you shouldn’t feel bad about someone’s death. He was one of my all-time favorite people though and will be missed. At the same time, it will be nice or at least, put my mind at ease, once all this mess is done with and once my aunt is, hopefully cooperative and moving up near my parents.
  5. I am, somehow, in the right mood to tackle all this stuff today though, even though it feels so heavy: car, rainy weather, grandfather, etc. I am working on actively cataloging how I feel and how I can handle every stress. It seems to be working for now but will report back after the weekend.

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