Thursday 13 – Post vacation thoughts

Back to the grind! Here’s what’s rattling around in my brain this week:

  1. It’s definitely weird being back in the office. I am really liking the quiet but I also realized that I don’t NEED the alone time as much as I used to. But not saying I don’t highly enjoy it!
  2. On that note, however, I just submitted my Fall availability and I have myself completely off on Wednesdays. I really need one day at home when no one else is there to do things for me such as sauna, catch up on grading for the other jobs, and to not deal with any family. While I feel like that is selfish, the additional 2 hours I am losing not working in the LC are not going to break the bank (which is what my husband posited when I told him, of course.)
  3. I find that I am using the vacation photos as a way of cheering myself up. We really did have a nice time and it all went so well. I also feel like it helps me remember that even when things feel bad, there’s always good, somewhere.
  4. This woman who works here – but hasn’t been in the office for going on 4 weeks – came back and she already pissed me off. She’s a know-it-all type and she came into the room where I sit and whined about how people had moved “her” stuff around; stuff that is really just educational resources for our students here. She clearly takes ownership of that stuff. She and I got into a conversation and it is clear that we don’t see eye to eye politically, which is fine since I avoid that but she was really trying to foster that kind of conversation. UGH. Luckily, I can ignore her. We don’t have to really work together, thankfully.
  5. I didn’t entirely let go, eating-wise, during vacation. Most days we still only ate once, though we did drink almost every day. I honestly thought I’d come home to find myself ten pounds heavier. Know how much I gained? A whopping two pounds. And even after we got back, I am still maintaining. I don’t know if my body just suddenly figure it out or what but no complaints!
  6. We went to hibachi for Ash’s birthday on Tuesday and I definitely didn’t hold back there either; I love Japanese! Today’s plan is to make some steaks but we’ll see, with Ash not feeling well.
  7. The day after we got back we went to Jacksonville for a concert and I finished my battle jacket just in time. In fact, I sewed a lot of patches the week before at work when it was slow. Pretty proud of myself, really.
  8. Trying not to panic about money this month but I think it will work out if I am frugal. The kids better get used to some budget meals! Guess another good thing about only eating once a day is that it is cheap!
  9. My week feels so odd with 2/3 of my kids not home. It’s rather quiet when only my 15 year old is there, playing games in his room. He did grace us with his presence a few times though and even threw the frisbee with us in the pool on the 4th. We have fun when it’s just us and him but he’s also, you know, a teenager.
  10. I mentioned the other day that my adjunct job is getting a major pay bump (15%). This is HUGE news and I’m so excited. But looking forward, the semester begins August 22nd and if I had to guess, since they only pay once a month, I won’t get that first check until the end of September. But it’ll be a big one! I was driving into work today, doing my mental budget, and I am trying to figure a way for us to buy a car but man, these prices and the lack of availability are telling me otherwise. But we need one!
  11. It sounds shallow as heck but I can’t wait until I can spend money freely again. I am not typically a frivolous purchase kind of person but I do like the feeling of doing all my normal spending without feeling like the belt is a little too tight. I have this desire to go to the mall too, which is funny because I don’t shop at the mall! Sometimes I go to eat there and then hop into Hot topic but generally speaking, I don’t spend money in those expensive stores. But my subconscious still yearns for the mall.
  12. I asked my neighbor to get the mail while we were gone but I highly doubt I’ll ever ask her again. For one, she kept forgetting and then, when she finally did go over, she said it didn’t look like much so she just left it. I instantly missed my old neighbors who were on it all the time. This woman clearly doesn’t have the same standards as I do about a task I’m asked to do. It kind of makes sense; these are the same people who won’t mow their lawn and let their puppy chew on their phones. Some people are just like that.
  13. On the drive in this morning, I had the oddest feeling like I actually wanted to write then I thought how all I really have knocking around in my brain are little observations and complaints. I may write them out and see how it goes but maybe not share them here…unless anyone actually cares!

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