Friday Five – Time for a break

  1. OK so, I’m actually writing this on Thursday because I have a bunch of grading to do and I really can’t seem to get started. I guess I addressed those two SmartThinking papers soon as I got in and then I fizzled out. I kind of blame it on this fuzzy head I have. I’m not hungover but I did drink probably a wee bit too much, too quickly. We had a retirement thing to attend and had a couple before and just two pilsners while there. I don’t typically drink those and I honestly think that is what caused my bad feeling.
  2. I find that I keep having self-defeating thoughts. Random as that may seem but my brain keeps conjuring up “what-ifs” about past situations. Like the time my husband was swimming in a lake during a rainstorm. Had it been struck by lightning, would he have suffered? The point here being: it’s in the past and he’s just fine so why the ever-loving HECK am I still thinking about this? Maybe there’s something still to be learned but as far as I can tell, this is a waste of brainspace.
  3. OK, Friday now. Yesterday was weird: Ash has this thing with his guy friends (2 single, 2 married/engaged) and they go to dinner every other Thursday. So for them, they want to get away – from life and significant others – so it always sucks when they go somewhere I like and Ash wishes I could go. Well, he broke the rule yesterday. We decided he and I would eat at Growler Country first and then when the guys got there, I’d leave soon after. Well, we get home and he was annoyed that I hadn’t planned a meal and I was like, wait, we’re eating there. Then he says, ‘No, I’ll get a pretzel but that’s not enough’ and I’m thinking, OH, I’M JUST SUPPOSED TO READ YOUR MIND? Husbands are like that across the board, I think. They expect things to be this way. He’s not always like that but, alas. ANYWAY, I hit the grocery store for some sandwich stuff and he was happy and we had a couple beers then went to the place and I had tacos and I was happy! So it did all end up working out.
  4. We leave for the beach today and while I am mostly prepared and half-packed, I feel stressed about it. I know I shouldn’t be and when I get that way the whole family feels it. But I just get so uptight about making sure everything goes well. It’s unreasonable to think anything goes perfectly all the time, I do realize this.
  5. My grandfather appears to be doing much better. Not sure if he fell or hit his arm on something but it was swollen and I think there was some kind of bleeding happening. He sounded well when I spoke to him this morning. Here’s hoping that once he gets to the other hospital, not the VA one, he can get the surgery they say he needs.

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