Thursday 13 – You know me: random observations only on this here blog!

  1. It’s funny how time works; some days at work I am in the right mindset to make it through a six hour shift in seemingly no time. Then other days go on forever, dragging out to infinity, making me feel like I’m living in some time warp. Came into work to see an entire queue of Religion class papers asking how a benevolent God could allow for something like the Holocaust to happen. That’s a little too heavy for first thing in the morning!
  2. I took my daughter and her friend to the playground the other night and while there were no parents or young children, there were 5-6 teenagers. They looked a little rough around the edges and were clearly hanging out but also, trying to rehab one of their crappy cars by filling little water bottles from the playground hose. I was eyeballing them of course, but then I kind of felt bad because where can that age group go to hang out?
  3. We took a long walk another night and went past the park again but no one was there, which did surprise me but they took out the main draw: a big old-fashioned slide. I’m talking the kind that sent you flying and burned your legs because it was too hot. The kind from decades past. According to Next Door, they took it out because it wasn’t built to code but I’m guessing some overbearing parent complained. Sometimes I hate the world.
  4. I have felt very hemmed in by having to wear winter clothes at work, because it is so damned cold in there! I get home and I just want to get down to shorts, sleeveless, and sandals. This must be how men have felt for centuries, having to always wear suits. I am so sorry!
  5. We experimented with not fasting last Tuesday and instead, just doing keto back to back days (remember, we only eat once a day) but I don’t think we saw as great of gains. In fact, I often noticed that on weekends, I’d go up a few pounds then go right back down but last week, I did not. Ash noticed too how his body was retaining some fat so we started our fast early this week and did it Sunday evening to Tuesday afternoon and I managed to drop about 5-6 pounds.
  6. I woke up super stuffy today; maybe something new is blooming? But it has been so hot here that it seems odd I’d be dealing with an allergy. I’m stumped.
  7. I wrote about it last Friday but I haven’t felt truly content in a long time. And then I got obsessed with “turning my mood around” to the point where I focused on every little sadness, as well as every happy moment. But it’s not a good way to live. I need to stop cataloging everything because then I’m not really living in the moment. But then, making a list of stuff TO BE happy about can be very useful. I have done it before and probably should work on doing it again.
  8. We’ve been watching the new Obi Wan tv show and honestly, the writing is so lazy and so awful, that I don’t have much hope for any entertainment going forward.
  9. Something funky is happening at my new job: there’s this one woman who I have known for a while and she is a senior writing specialist. She helped me get all set up, etc, then a couple days into me working here, she didn’t show up. And I just assumed she was on vacation but then when a week had passed, I thought I’d ask around. The front desk girl said that according to the schedule that, no, she was not on vacation. We asked this older guy about it and he got kind of flustered and said, “No, she’s not on vacation and I’m the only one here; that’s what I’ll say about that.” WTF? So there’s that then this older woman tutor was apparently mad at another woman tutor and they had words about how one said something rude or demeaning. So there’s this whole weird tension thing happening. Meanwhile, I’m just the new person, trying to mind my own damn business.
  10. One interesting thing I’ve been experiencing is that while I love working out and eating well and doing intermittent fasting, when I get stressed about money or whatever, I think about how I should just treat myself to something awful for me: a fast food breakfast sandwich or a lot of beer, or a piece of cake. I know that one of any of those won’t ruin everything but the problem is once you allow yourself to do it once, it gets a whole lot easier to say, what’s one more time? And one more after that? It gets to be a real slippery slope, you know?
  11. I just read a bunch of articles about how to be content with whatever your situation is and you know, everyone says the same thing: be grateful for what you have. Live in that moment of being aware of all the good. So yeah, I was onto something there.
  12. The University is giving everyone off on the 20th for that new Juneteenth holiday but since I am just OPS, I will sadly not be able to work. Does it break the bank? No, but that’s still money lost. But you know what? I am gonna kill it at home that day: wash floors, organize and put stuff away, etc. I need a day like that. Sure, we have the weekends but we always pack those so full of stuff.
  13. My grandpa is back in the hospital. He apparently fell and his arm is all busted up. My parents are going down this weekend so we’ll see how it goes. He’s 96 so…

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