Wednesday ‘podge – Vacations soon, thankfully

1. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Elaborate.  

I feel like I do sometimes; sometimes I just can’t help myself and my emotions are very obvious. Although, when it comes to my husband, he can read them whenever. He basically knows what I am thinking. But for the most part, I can keep it under wraps.

2. A favorite love song? 

Oh man, I like so many love related songs but my newest favorite is Dave Loggins – Fool in Me. It’s a good one, I promise.

3. Do you consider yourself a trusting person? Explain. 

I feel like that was one of my biggest flaws – trusting people too much or giving them the benefit of the doubt. Now, I am more discerning and I will only trust you if you’ve given me reason to.

4. June 14th is National New Mexico Day…have you ever been to New Mexico (aka The Land of Enchantment)? Any desire to visit the state? Some of the top rated tourist attractions there are- Carlsbad Caverns National Park, White Sands National Park, The Albuquerque International Balloon Festival, Bandelier National Monument, The Georgia O’Keefe Museum, Santa Fe Plaza, and the Petroglyph National Monument. Of the attractions listed which would be tops on your list? 

I actually don’t think I have been there. Yes to Arizona and Texas but not there. I definitely would want to go to the Petroglyph monument. I know my grandfather tested military weapons at White Sands so it would be cool to see that too.

5. What’s something you’ve found enchanting recently? 

Yacht Rock Deep Cuts on Sirius. These are the B-sides, the unknowns by the bands you know and love. I have found so many good soft rock songs, it’s not even funny. I love it!

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I’ve been in a professional development workshop for the last three days and I feel like I learned a lot. The theme was about effective communication with students and I can always be better at that! Meanwhile, I am trying not to stress about everything upcoming: this weekend we’re headed to the beach – well, we are renting pontoons in the bay between Destin and Ft. Walton. Water is only 3-4 feet deep and the double decker pontoons have slides off the back. Should be a different yet fun time.

Next week, I’m off Monday (yay!) then I work Tuesday and Wednesday. We have to pick up the van that afternoon, then we have a brew club happy hour, then we leave for Ohio the next day. Only making it as far as Knoxville the first night, where we will eat at El Chico (an old Mexican place we loved when it was here) and we plan to hit a brewery or two.

The next day we’ll make it to Ohio and somewhere in there we plan to see an Indie wrestling show and visit Cedar Point. Should be a fun time. While I am worried about spending money and all, I am actually ready to just get away. I’ve been stressing about life for so long, I just need a time to do something else; something different from the daily grind. Ever since the start of summer I have just felt off and maybe this little vacation will be helpful. We get back on a Thursday evening, then we leave Friday mid-day for a concert in Jacksonville with my sister and Justin. Soon as we get home Sunday, we take Isaac to music camp and my daughter is spending the week with my parents. It’s a crazy summer!

11 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘podge – Vacations soon, thankfully

  1. I’ve never heard that song before, but it’s a good one! That is a cool idea for a vacation!!! You’ll be in my neck of the woods the first night. Have a good time!!

  2. Love that Dave Loggins song! I almost said Please Come To Boston because its another favorite and my hubs is ‘the man from Tennessee’ : ) I hope you have a wonderful relaxing time on the boat and also on your trip to Ohio. A change of scenery and routine is good and necessary. Safe travels!!

    1. So it’s not in the car for sure; I listen through their website. When I log in it is one of their “Xtra” channels. I just searched for it when I heard them talking about it on regular Yacht Rock. That one is year round online but right now, 14 in the car. Hope that helps!

  3. That is a good song. I’m not really familiar with it. I think you’re right, I used to be more trusting than I am today. That would be nice to see the White Sands since your grandfather was there. How nice that you found some music that you like. Enjoy the pontoons. Sounds like fun! So much to look forward to. Safe travels.

  4. Renting pontoons sounds fun. We’ll be near Cedar POint in August visiting family in marblehead and KElleys’ Island. My aunt has a small vineyard, winery and tasting room on the island. My other two aunts live in Marblehead. I’m looking forward to seeing them. Have a fun time.

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