Random Tuesday – Writing to take up time while at work

  • I’m writing this on Monday, during my high impact practice professional development Zoom; half of it I can tune out anyway. I’ve done enough of these to know how to work around and multitask the crap out of this stuff.
  • I had a pretty good weekend where I actually felt really good about everything, considering things are tight, money-wise, for me. Sure, the hubs makes plenty of money and I wish I could really get people to understand my mindset on “doing my part”. We’ve always had a very different way of handling money compared to most couples. But since money is one of the things that drives people apart, I think our way helps us stay together.
  • I keep forgetting that we’re taking a road trip vacation soon, which means I won’t be making money from my tutoring job during that time, but when we made those plans, I didn’t have this other hourly job. Guess it’s better to have it and miss out on a week than not at all. Besides, I’m still making money on three other places I teach, just not very much. The good thing is that my kids are skipping camp that session so I don’t owe them any more money until well into July.
  • I’m trying to find ways to save money here and there; I certainly haven’t been making any extraneous purchases and we’ve been eating at home A LOT. I did have to drop money on pool chemicals but now’s the time, eh? The kids swim nearly every day.
  • One way I am saving is by using ibotta; they are basically a coupon service and you pre-select items then upload your receipt. All-time, I’ve gotten over 100 bucks back so that’s pretty cool. I usually wait until I have saved at least 30 then I transfer it to my account. With prices these days, every little bit helps!
  • I just took a 10 minute walk outside and it is so hot! It’s actually unseasonably hot. Our Junes are usually nice and then as July turns into August, we’re dying. But for some reason, it’s even hotter this summer.
  • I’ll probably get about a 46 hour fast in today once I am able to log off my afternoon workshop and can make my beautiful keto breakfast bowl. I am loving those: scrambled eggs, sausage, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheese. Maybe an avocado too. Might even add a little hot sauce for fun today. I wasn’t AS bad this weekend as I had been and didn’t have as much excess to shave off during this week’s fast but I did drop 3-4 pounds. It bothers my mom that I seem to yo-yo each week but if you paid attention to your weight you’d notice that it is always fluctuating. If you wake up weighing the exact same each day, good on you because I don’t see how that is possible!
  • Well, that’s all the random (whining) I have for you today.

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