MMMM + Songs about June + weekendy recap

I forgot this week was going to be a doozy: I’m working 8:30-1 M-W then my normal Thursday 6 hour shift, then a truncated Friday because we’re going to Destin for our beach weekend with our friend group. Gosh, I hope I can get my act together here. On top of that, I am participating in this Summer Institute thing on Zoom M-W and I got permission to do it while here at work. It’s basically improving teaching practices so it counts towards what I do here as a tutor. I got into work a little early so I could get all caught up on stuff. I will be a multitasking fool these three days!

Anyway, let’s go back, back to Friday, which was an adventure to say the least. Ash and I had planned to bike to our lunch destination – a Mexican place in the neighborhood – three miles away. Well, we got on our bikes soon as I got home around 12:50 and headed that way. While hot, the ride itself was not too bad at all. Well, we pulled up to El Jalisco and found that they were doing renovations! Boy was I mad. I was seething because everything that has been making me sad and stressed came crashing in because I tend to react to things like that with the thought of “why me? why does my life suck?” I know it’s a bad way to be. But my wonderful husband reminded me that sometimes things do not go as we planned and adjustments must be made. So we rode across the road to Dave’s Pizza Garage and that was…fine. I just wasn’t in the mood for pizza.

Once back home, I did feel pretty good about having ridden almost seven miles. But for some reason, I was still in a mood. I rallied and went to the grocery store and then after about a 20 minute nap, and getting the kids from camp, I managed to get myself going on cooking for them and cleaning around the house. Two of the three swam and I had them eat outside together and I was feeling much better by then.

Saturday I woke early to begin prepping devilled eggs and a mac and cheese because our friends were hosting a club brew, even though no one but the host brewed anything. Typically at least 2-3 people bring their equipment. Well, hardly anyone even showed to this one. I mean, we had a good time regardless but still. I was actually kind of mad because the protocol for these is, even if you do not brew a beer at the same time, everyone brings food and beer to share. Well, two of the main guys who run it didn’t. Well, ok, Shane brought some food but no beer and Geo, the PRESIDENT, brought nothing. I have already been annoyed by this guy for a while now but that one was the nail in the coffin. Screw that guy. But I still enjoyed my time with that group; good people in general.

Sunday I got right up and started in on cleaning and laundry and a little pool work and I ran 2 miles. I haven’t been actively running since early April so it was nice to get back out there. We are rewatching Stanger Things 4 with Elliot, because he’s a bit scared watching it alone. I prepped food for Ash and Isaac because Koda went with the neighbors to the pool and Elliot and I went and had sushi. It’s our special thing since no one else eats it. We had some really good food and I was happy (though not happy with the money; lol) In the afternoon, I napped and rallied and got a lot done. The boys swam and I sat in the sun a bit before prepping dinner and getting all my laundry done ON laundry day! That’s a big deal for me, since I normally end up saving some folding and ironing for Monday, if not Tuesday. Go me!

And here we are, Monday and it is hazy and gloomy out but I have too much to do to worry about the weather. Fasting today and tomorrow until the afternoon, different from our normal Tuesday to Wednesday schedule. We were originally going out Wednesday so that had been our plan but that isn’t the case anymore. But this will work since the professional development thing gets in the way of eating anyway.


OK, the theme is June and I found a few songs with June in the lyrics so I’m going out on a limb with songs I did not previously know.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Songs about June + weekendy recap

  1. It irritates me, too, if i have my mind set on one kind of food and then have to change (Mexican to Pizza – great example!). One of my biggest melt downs was last summer. We were driving home from the beach and I had my heart set on something (I can’t even remember for sure what — maybe a Wendy’s burger?). Anyway, we stopped and I ran in to the bathroom and there were SOOOO many people inside. Covid was still an issue and I was going to have to wait forever and it was beginning to rain. I ran back to the car – hangry plus now extra annoyed – and totally fell apart . . .over food.

    1. I totally get it! I realize I need to be better at rolling with the punches but ugh! The thing about Friday was that if we had driven, not ridden our bikes, it would not have been AS bad. But I got punished. Oh well; I am sure I will get some Mexican food at some point!

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