Friday 5 – Odd blog formatting, finally Friday, and can I get some kind of emotional transplant?

  1. I come to you from my car; I figure a good way to use my commute is to speak into my phone and write this post. It’s kind of funny that I call my drive to work a ‘commute’ because I always thought commute meant a really long drive and I really only have about 15 minutes. But the way I drive is through the middle of town because I have to drop the kids off at camp and then I have to drive basically downtown Tallahassee, which is a very annoying area. Why does this one have weird justification??

2. We went to Brew club last night and they were five homebrews, which is a pretty good number considering that we only had about 11 people show up. Back in the day we used to get somewhere around 40. But that’s okay; it’s our group now and I’m fine with that.

3. Our plan for when I get home from work today is to ride our bikes to lunch. Not just to save gas but to get in the exercise. So long as it doesn’t rain we’ll be good. It’s 3.2 miles and according to google maps, should take us 18 minutes.

4. My husband sent me this video yesterday titled “Why you’ll marry the wrong person” and of course I was like, what?!? But it was this guy talking about why people bail on and fail at relationships. It was actually quite accurate, about how people are always afraid to be vulnerable and ask for help so they don’t and their relationships become mechanical. He also discussed how easy it is to give up on stuff. But his final note was about how this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in one. It was actually pretty heartwarming in a way; reassuring. Pretty glad we watched it. I felt like I was more comfortable in my own skin afterwards. Odd as that may sound.

5. I am so glad it is Friday and I am using that little kernel of happiness to boost my entire mood. I don’t know what is wrong with me but I haven’t felt content in a while. Have I felt temporary happiness? Sure. I have felt really happy moments and even had fun! (see: two Saturdays ago when we made burgers, I drank a couple beers, laid out in the sun, and swam in the pool with the kids.) But maybe I am becoming too hyper-focused on my happiness to a point where I may not be able to achieve it due to that, if that makes sense.

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