Writer’s Workshop – Long time

1. How long have you been blogging? What has changed since you started?

I have mused about this in the past here, on ye olde blog, but I believe my first post was in 2002 or 2003 when Diary-X was still a thing. Back then, I was in grad school, dating my now husband, and a pretty hot mess, emotionally. I really needed the blog as an outlet to calm my fears. I find that I do still do that but not in the same way.

I guess some things that have changed are the ways I felt about things. For example, I remember using blog posts to explore ideas about the world around me, politics, etc. Then I had my children and I went through the gamut of feelings about them and parenting styles, and how people treat new parents.

It’s actually easier to find similarities in the way I post than differences. I always complain about money and muse about the different times of the year. For example, I was noticing how little traffic there was on my drive to work and I remember that it’s Summer in a college town – half the population is gone. I probably write about that once a year. I usually muse about how I feel and whatnot, that definitely has not changed.

Sometimes I question whether or not I should give up on the blog but I just like it too much, as an outlet to write through my feelings, as cheesy at that sounds. I keep a physical journal too but this? I just like the space it allows me.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Long time

  1. I really enjoy the outlet too, but I actually don’t keep a written journal so maybe this is that fix for me. I love that you were able to pinpoint similarities in things you tend to consistently touch on. It’s really making me wonder what mine are!

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