Nervous and praying

Oh y’all, I had a good interview yesterday. At least, I felt like it went well. I am not trying to get my hopes up but I want this job. I met with three women for this IIR company and we discussed a lot of good stuff. They then sent two documents; one I had to compare against the other and make appropriate changes. I just went through that and then submitted, so I have done what I can do. Now, I have to hope I did well and pray.

I had a thought yesterday about praying. Back in January when my classes didn’t make and I had NO on-campus teaching, I was praying to God for it to work out and you know, it didn’t. And I was discouraged. But had that not happened, I would not have gotten desperate and gone back to looking. I had a day where I furiously applied for jobs. Then nothing really came to fruition and so, a couple weeks ago, I clicked on the link for the one I’m discussing here. My friend sent it to me, since she’d recently been on the job market. If we are being honest, I was a little drunk and sad so I applied on my phone, of all things. Sounds crazy, I know. My point here is that it was a snowball thing: no TCC led to job searching, led to finding this, led to interview. My mom reminded me that while praying is a good thing, we must remember that God doesn’t always work on our timeline. I admit, it was foolish of me to ask for something and expect immediate results. But maybe this is the answer, right here.

Look, I’m not trying to get ahead of myself but I’ve been doing the four or five teaching jobs now for three years and it’s high time to get back to one steady income. I’d keep one or two online teaching sections but I just want to know I’ll be having a paycheck all the time. Not skipping summer or a couple weeks here and there because it’s between semesters. I want this so much; I need peace of mind with steady work, which is something I told them in the interview when they asked about my ability to be pulled in different directions. I like being busy and filling my days. I told them I don’t even feel like I earned my off time if my week was not full. So hopefully they got the impression I’m a hard worker, because I am. I don’t do well with slacking off.

There’s so much going through my head right now, I can barely contain it. All the what-ifs and what-nexts. So, in the theme of this post, I’m going to breathe in, breathe out, and do a little bit of praying.

3 thoughts on “Nervous and praying

  1. I can’t wait to hear! I hope it all works out for you!! I often wish God would answer my prayers according to my timeline . . .but now at 63, I look back and I see that if he had . . . I might not have the wonderful life I have now.

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