Friday Five – Weekend plans, admission, waiting

  1. Well, we made it to Friday! I feel like this was a very long week, but mostly because I went from 4 hour shifts on T/W/Th to 6 hour ones and that was a big change. I also ate keto twice this week, which is great but also felt like a bear somehow. I’m just glad it’s Friday; we’re going to eat Costco pizza and see Maverick.
  2. We also plan to pick up a limited release beer from a brewery later and drink it with our friends. And tomorrow we’re probably going to a soccer game – we have a minor league team here and it’s pretty fun to watch them. They’re decent, as far as I can tell.
  3. I really love how relaxed summer is feeling. Not that my life is any different, really, but with the kids not in school, I don’t feel this pressure to make sure they’re in bed super early and I’m letting them hang out with friends longer. It just feels nice. I also love looking out at my yard in the late summer light. It’s peaceful.
  4. One thing we’ve been doing lately is watching old episodes of Growing Pains, which I enjoy very much. I loved that show as a kid. But one thing I have not mentioned to my kids about it, however, is how Alan Thicke was a big part of my sexual awakening. Why? I don’t know. I don’t think he’s particularly hot or anything. But 13 year old me seemed to find him attractive. I guess because he was the responsible dad type? Firm but fun? I dunno but I find it amusing whenever we watch it.
  5. I wrote this post on Thursday so I don’t know about the job yet but again, per my last entry, I am hoping and praying and just holding my breath. It’s now Friday morning but I have not heard so I am putting that out of my head, focusing on my work, and will report back Monday!

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