Wednesday positives

If I ever want to break out of the recent funk, I know the only way is to focus on the good and all the positive stuff that I truly have. So, I shall do that here.

  • As noted before, I was really proud of myself because when that interview had to be rescheduled, I instantly looked at it as a positive instead of a negative, which is what I would normally have done. But I thought, “Well, maybe this is a gift because I might have had a bad interview, been off my game.” So this is a second chance to be really ready.
  • Even though we get annoyed by each other, my husband is truly a great person and a huge supporter of mine. If he’s in the right mood, he can talk me out of whatever funk I am in. It’s unrealistic to think he’d always be like that, because life and this world are complicated, up and down things, but for the most part, I really have it good.
  • While I will miss soccer season and my son working an actual job, I do not miss the time obligations to practices and driving them to their things. Every night we had some kind of schedule that needed to be worked in an organized way so they could get places and we could live our lives as well. We always made it work but it’s a lot nicer knowing we don’t have, well, anything. Ash asked what we were doing last night and my only thing was taking my son to get a haircut. But for once, that realization hit us: no drop off/pick ups anywhere!
  • It’s been really sunny lately and even when we got rain, the storms came and went. I really needed that light recharge; it helped me get through the whole weekend without really feeling bad at all.
  • My oldest is home alone because he didn’t get a summer job and is too old for camp but one awesome thing is that he is doing chores and whatnot and today; he even made his own breakfast. Not that he has not been capable of that for a long time but he is a cautious kid and second guesses a lot. He toasted a bagel, heated up pre-cooked bacon, then scrambled eggs and added it together with cheese. Looked tasty!
  • Ash and I are once again changing up our eating style. For the past 5 weeks we’ve basically fasted from Monday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon. But I think we saw more results when we ate more keto so we are planning to put the one meal back on Tuesday but do keto both Tuesday and Wednesday. We are also planning to ride bikes after work on Tuesdays.
  • Though not without consequence, one awesome thing was not paying attention to work for four days. Now that I’m back to the grind, being physically present somewhere, I’m appreciating the time away a lot more. It makes me feel like I earned that away time. It also makes me not bother checking any email or anything while I’m off and you know, that’s the right way to do it but online everything made me more connected to it when I should not have been. So the positive is that from Thursday afternoon until this morning, I was away, insular, within our own world, and it was restorative.
  • I’m not one of those “practice self care” people but I will say, I am trying to be sure to look away from my laptop screen often. The combo of fluorescent lights and this not very good screen is making it so I legitimately get the blurriest eyes and leave here unable to drive, for all intents and purposes. I brought an actual book today and I plan to take frequent breaks. I should bring my battle jacket in here and work on that but I don’t know if that would be kosher. They said you can work on your own stuff when you’re not working.
  • The strangest thing happened last night: Elliot asked me and Ash to play badminton with him (our old neighbors cleaned out a storage area from moving and they had a set that they gave to us) and just as we were going out for a rousing game of two on one, it got all windy and cloudy, an impending storm bearing down on us. As we tried to play through all the wind, the storm actually passed and it never rained. It was such a weird thing! but the good, positive spin here is that we had one on one time with my oldest son, on the verge of 15. And he wanted to spend it with us. The other kids were up the road swimming with friends and it was nice to hang out with him.

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