Random Tuesday – Monday-ish recap, moving on

  • What the heck day even is it? Oh, right, last day of May. How is that even possible? This morning on the way to camp, my middle boy said he thought this school year went by quickly and I related that I felt like Fall may never end, since I was driving to campus 5 days a week and struggling. Then when I had no on-campus obligations in Spring, I felt like that rough time might never end. And now here we are with Summer starting. Ridiculous!
  • The long weekend was pretty good; no real complaints. On Friday, the kids were home and so were we so we did a little cleaning and whatnot then had burgers for lunch. Had some beer and sat outside in the sun, swam in the pool with the kids. I believe we started watching Stranger Things season 4 also. On Saturday, my daughter had a friend over to swim 10-12, I made tacos, then Ash and I met a couple friends somewhere to watch the Champions League final. I was pretty tired after that, since we’d done pool stuff that morning. When we got home, my son had two friends over to swim and spend the night.
  • Sunday was probably our most productive day, cleaning and laundry and cooking and whatnot. My middle had a friend over that day so everyone got their fair share!
  • Monday we had a party at our friends’ house with their new pool. That was pretty fun but it was hot out and there were a lot of people and Ash seemed a little out of sorts once we got home. So I let him deal with that, went into another room, then when he finally turned it around, we finished Stranger Things – what a crazy show! This season was definitely better than 2 and 3, but maybe not quite as good as the first one.
  • I slept great last night but woke up after having a pretty weird dream: I was driving Ash’s car and going to work, getting on the interstate. Suddenly, it got super dark like it was going to rain and I couldn’t get the headlights to turn on and and the street lights weren’t on either so I had to pull over because I couldn’t see anything at all. I wonder if there’s some meaning to this dream. Like, I am not seeing clearly or I am having trouble seeing something that may be right in front of me. Or maybe I’m just overthinking that.
  • I can’t seem to get going today, even though I got right up and showered first instead of what I have been doing, which is getting up, making coffee, and sitting on my tablet until the kids are up and doing stuff. I figured with them starting camp, I’d get up and shower before them and then go down. I also only had one cup of coffee. My k-cups get delivered on the second and I only had two left so one for today, one for tomorrow. Sure, I could buy some at the store but they cost so much less in bulk from Amazon.
  • Recently, I find that I actually feel a specific way about going back into the office and I did not expect to really feel it: I miss the time at home. I hated Covid and everything about it and how people used it as a time to slack off but I guess I did get kind of spoiled with all this at-home time. I was better at organizing my time. So yeah, I just feel lout of sorts today and missing how Ash and I could take walks whenever (though we did take a long on Friday and on Sunday) and how we just had time to live our lives as we pleased.
  • Whenever the kids have gone to camp the last four years, I have had a moment: where I remember what it was like when they were younger and we had kids in daycare too. We pass by the old church with the daycare they all three went to and that time seems FOREVER ago. And then this year is my middle boy’s last, because next year he’ll be 13. Meanwhile, my oldest could have been a counsel-in-training but they didn’t hire him; he didn’t get the position. Which is crazy because a. it is volunteer and b. he’s gone to that camp forever. I guess there were just better people. But it would have been convenient to drop them all off. So now he’s just sitting at home. We’ll have to give him a bunch of stuff to do. So anyway, the point here is that everything is in flux now and that good feeling I mentioned last week – yes, the actual feeling of happiness – seems to have subsided a little and slid back into a state of worry.
  • Let’s hope I can turn my mood around here as the day goes on. At least it is sunny and I’ve gotten a lot of it the past few days!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Monday-ish recap, moving on

  1. I hope you can turn your mood around and soon. I find that long weekends leaves you a bit down with the work week starts again. I think most of us feel the same way.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

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