MMMM + I am frazzled!

My body has been battling some mild illness for a couple days. I don’t FEEL all that bad but my throat is irritated. Yesterday for about an hour I did feel kind of cruddy but then we watched a couple old episodes of Growing Pains and I guess all I needed was an 80s sitcom infusion.

Not a bad weekend; Friday felt relaxed. We didn’t drink at all that day since we did Wednesday for happy hour and then Thursday, we had a draft party. I took Elliot to work after laying into him a bit. He didn’t want to go and was being a brat, telling me to back off and I told him it’s not ME, it’s responsibility to your job now. I have nothing to do with it but you go to work when it’s time. It’s not like his job is a huge time commitment. He works maybe 5 hours a week! Anyway, once we had our shouting match, he turned it around and I took him for Chik-fil-a when I picked him up. I always tell him I don’t mind doing it but only on my terms, not when he asks. He was a REALLY good kid after that!

Saturday was busy: a soccer game at 9:30 then in between, we picked up a kegerator from a girl in brew club. I guess she never uses it and we can always use another place to serve beer from or ferment. Ell had a second game at 12:30 then Isaac had a 2 pm. At 3:30, we had about 11 people come to taste our crazy selection of craft beers. We’ve gone a little overboard on ordering lately. Stuff you can’t get locally.

The 13 of us put quite a dent into the fridge! Plus, we whittled down the leftover snack foods from the previous party. I like being social, I do, but by night’s end, I was getting back into my old habit of wanting to sit alone in a room and not talk for a while.

After all that activity, Sunday was chill. I did laundry and made burgers and did leave to take the boys to buy new bathing suits. But otherwise, I slept and watched TV and didn’t do much else.


So the theme is work songs and this is the first that came to mind. When I was young, the Disney Channel used to play classic songs over snippets of cartoons and this one song always haunted me.

Then I thought of this one. This movie is funny too.

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