A to Z Challenge – Day 26

Well, I made it. Considering this month has been crazier than any other this year so far, I kind of can’t believe it.

Z is for Z Cavaricci

According to Liketotally80s.com, this lifestyle collection came out in the 80s and became the best of the high-waisted pants and jeans. LA based with an Italian theme, these pants were known for their long waist and tapered look that was wide around the thighs and tightened again at the knee.

Now what I remember was that some styles had belt loops ALL the way around the waist. Like, 100 belt loops. Funny though, I can’t seem to find a photo of these pants to save my life. I had a pair and they were not jeans but more like slacks material. I loved them and how baggy they were. They very closely resembled “Hammer pants”, those made famous by MC Hammer in his “Can’t Tough This video. Plus, they were super comfy.

I feel like this fashion statement symbolized how influential pop culture was then. I don’t really think that is the case anymore. Mtv, and television in general, celebrities too all affected how the general populace dressed and acted. I’m sure there’s still some of that around – mainly in hip-ho culture, but not as much. Sure, kids at school influence each other, which is how I got into these pants, but maybe not as much.

Thanks for coming with me on my journey of the past A to Z. I can’t believe we made it!

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