Friday Five – Will we ever have a break?

  1. This has been a hell of a week! It began with me still feeling off-kilter about work and money but having the potential, with two interviews set up. By Thursday, I had two new jobs! At the same time, I realized that one of my online classes I really put off too long and those students suffered a little. I ate a bit of humble pie and got myself together and caught up.
  2. I’m a little burned out, to be honest. I feel like my schedule has been all wonky since I added the tutoring. I think it’s a pretty easy job, really, but sitting on Zoom calls with kids who don’t really want to work is rough. Only one girl really works with me and talks out her issues. The one kid who’s my son’s age is so quiet and will barely respond to my prompts. UGH. And I literally just got a job tutoring! Granted, the in-person aspect may be better.
  3. Random but I wanted to make a battle vest for our July concert but the one I have is too big. I think I bought it when I was livin’ large during Covid so now, it just makes me look dumb. So I just went on ThredUp and found a smaller one from the Gap outlet and hopefully it’ll work. I have all these patches I want to put on it and little time to do it. I can see May and June quickly disappearing and leaving me little sewing time. I’ll probably plan to do one a day in the evenings when we’re watching shows.
  4. Speaking of shows, we finally gave The Office a chance and now that we’re on season 4, I’m not sure we’re going to finish. I’m really not feeling it anymore. Between the same tired jokes and the shakey-cam, I can barely take it. Sure, the relationship between Jim and Pam is fun and exciting but beyond that, I’m sick of it. Also, Michael Scott is so not a real person. Sometimes he does human things but for the most part, he’s a caricature of a human. Sorry to fans but it just isn’t that good.
  5. Last night we had an NFL draft party and it was fun; not as many people came as last year but it is what it is. While we were setting up, my friend group finally got their acts together on a beach day so we’re tentatively on the books for mid-June for a day renting pontoon boats. I’m kind of pumped!

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