A to Z Challenge – Day 5

Hey, I’m only off by 2 days at this point, right? I guess I can make up for it this weekend by scheduling posts. But I’ll need to really start thinking!

E is for Easter

I feel like I’m cheaping out by using that word because if we are really being honest, this wasn’t a big holiday for me. But here’s what I do remember about it when I was young: having to dress up for church (which I hated) and going to my grandparents’ house.

My mom was pretty religious and so we emphasized that aspect of Easter. I was used to going to church so that was no biggie but the 80s dresses are burned into my memory as highly uncomfortable: itchy, big shoulders and I always had to wear super tight shoes. (I tried to find a photo of myself in some kind of get-up like this but no such luck.) I don’t ever remember spending Easter at our house; we drove about an hour north to see my Grammy and Grandpa so the Easter bunny visited their house solely. I feel like I conjured up the idea that he left the candy and toys in my basket, even though I knew it was my mom. In fact, I knew but she never said one way or another. She didn’t hold up some curtain of lies about how an actual rabbit hopped into the house with goodies. I mean, you can convince a kid of Santa but the believability only goes so far.

My kids got a bit more out of Easter than I did in that we always hid eggs in the yard. That’s something they still want me to do (the younger two anyway) if for nothing else than the thrill of the hunt. I told them I wasn’t sure if I would this year but they keep begging, even if I don’t put candy in the eggs. I will still give them little baskets, though these days, it’s usually big bags of their favorite candy and play store gift cards! In my day, we got little wind up chicken toys and small coloring books!

Because I didn’t have a pic of me, here’s one of my now 14 year old when he was maybe 4.5.

4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Day 5

  1. Since y’all love beer, I know you will love this idea! Some friends of ours have young adult children and they now hide beer in their backyard for their kids. My husband and I think this sounds like fun! I think the parents were just looking for a fun and crazy idea during covid so they did this. I wonder if it will now become a tradition!

  2. Mom was always a big Easter person. Her whole family was, really. I never quite got the attraction. Marshmallow Peeps are my favorite Easter candy, though…

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