Friday Five – Writing, songwriters, exercising

  1. Man, with the AtoZ challenge, I have really been blogging a lot. I can’t tell if it’s good because it’s making me write more or bad because that’s allowing me to procrastinate my actual work. I find that I will write some, grade a few papers, write some more. I guess it keeps me busy all the time that I’m at my desk so maybe in that way, it is more effective and productive.
  2. Here’s how big of a nerd I am: XM added another Yacht Rock station – deep cuts. So you know, the B sides of the popular stuff. I am really excited to delve in and discover stuff from my favorite soft rock artists.
  3. I was really stressed, before, about getting my son to and from his new job, on top of EVERYTHING ELSE we do in the week, but now that that time has come, it is not too bad. Sure, Ash and I have to make charts and graphs to work out who is taking whom and when, but it is very doable and I am taking everything in stride.
  4. I did a 48 hour fast earlier this week and dropped about two pounds. I need to make a plan going forward about what my workouts will look like now because I am not going to run for a while. Ash is going to build a board to do nordics, which are essentially backwards situps. You are on your front, laying down, ankles restrained and you lift up from there. All the big athletes do these so they must work!

5. I keep having dreams about the Ice Nine Kills concert we’re going to. It’s funny because I’m not really on the pulse of everything but I am in enough groups to know what is happening. They’re touring with two other bands, both of whom have had to cancel shows due to sickness. I am worried that INK will get sick right before my show and I’ll be devastated. If I miss seeing Spencer I’m going to be pissed! I want to get some good pics and I CANNOT WAIT to hear him sing some of my favorite songs. Just thinking about the endorphin rush I’ll get from the show makes me excited. (Also, he is yummy, right?)

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