Wednesday ‘Podge – Spring-ing into action

1. What puts a spring in your step these days? 

Well, specifically today, I am making sure I work through this long list of tasks. In general, I feel good when I am crossing things of a list. I love getting stuff done that’s hanging over me. It’s always getting started that is the hard part.

2. April 2nd was National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. Did you celebrate? Do you like PB and J? If so how do you like yours? What’s your favorite kind of jelly? 

No, I did not but I do enjoy one. I actually do this thing where, if I am craving that flavor combo, I will just put pb on a spoon with jelly and eat a couple bites. We almost always buy creamy Peter Pan but Jif was on sale at Costco and we own a lifetime supply. I always buy Smuckers grape JAM. It spreads better.

3. What’s a memory you associate with spring flowers?

I used to have this amaryllis in the front planter of my old house. My mom gave it to me a long time ago and I eventually planted it next to the agapanthus and every year, that thing came back and had a brilliant red flower, now matter how much I neglected that bed.

4. Three things on your spring bucket list? Do you have a spring bucket list? If not pretend you do. 

Every day is a damned bucket list these days because there’s a lot I need and want to do. One was serving beer at that Panacea beer fest. Cross one off. The other two are: get going on this job I got writing lesson plans, and the other is to take a family bike ride. I have no idea when we’d do it because we are all here there and everywhere but I think it would be nice.

5. One place you will travel this spring? (It might be Europe or it might be the grocery store)

We are going to St. Augustine on the 21st so that’s the only one I can think of. We may end up in Destin if that is where the boys’ out of town tournament is. The other parents and us are hoping for there because their breweries are good and too, my parents could drive over to see their games.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Just grading away over here; I keep doing this thing where I prioritize this one course (the easy school where I’ve been teaching forever) but then once I finish, I’m not motivated to go to the other classes and work on that stuff so I put it off. I really need to adjust that!

It stormed yesterday and they canceled soccer. Today, it’s not supposed to rain until later but then, if it is all wet everywhere, Ell won’t have work or soccer. Also, it sounds crazy to say that my son is going to work but there ya go: he’s a working man now. LOL – at 14! I am so proud of him for getting a job, even if I have to be his bus service until he can drive.

I feel like I’m on the verge of something, like I’m hanging in the balance. But I think it stems from all the stuff I need to get done. Yesterday was very balanced: grading, running much-needed errands, cleaning, and we even transferred one of the beers. I banged out an AtoZ challenge post as well. I plan to get one going for each day this week and schedule some for the weekend. We are not too busy – two soccer games and that’s it. My Sunday cleared up because an event we had got pushed back. I am sure SOMETHING will come up, if we are being honest. Because it always does!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘Podge – Spring-ing into action

  1. I’m not sure I’ll get to the hodgepodge today even though I love it. It is rainy here again today – I hope we don’t have tornados! For us, we buy the extra crunchy Jif. I rarely eat it on a sandwich but will literally measure out a tablespoon and eat it from the spoon! It helps with all sorts of cravings!

  2. Definitely had some tornados north of us in Thomasville. I’ve been thinking that would be a great place to eventually put our brewery, since they don’t have one, but…tornados!

  3. Only lightning cancelled soccer for our kids growing up. Cracking up about your lifetime supply of Jiff! Yes to peanut butter, honey and banana!

    1. On Saturday, it got cancelled for lightning; we never even got rain. They did it this week because field conditions would be soggy and we have an an entire day of games Saturday – guess they are trying to preserve!

  4. I have so many things that haven’t been accomplished since the pandemic started. I need to make a list and get those done before I do the decluttering. The Amaryllis are so pretty when they bloom. The bike ride sounds like fun. Those are two lovely places to visit. You take care of yourself.

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