Friday Five

  1. Considering that I was essentially useless from 9 AM yesterday until about 4 PM, I really got my life together. In the morning, I got all my kids off to school safely, despite a heavy storm, then I went to the grocery store. When I got home, I couldn’t get going and I was in a fog, exceedingly tired. I puttered around a while and did grade some papers but man was it difficult to think. By the time my husband got home, I forced myself to run a mile with them (we have a 10k tomorrow) and then I felt just fine! Got the kids to various activities then we met a friend at our neighborhood Mexican place to talk.
  2. This morning, it is bright, sunny, and cool, leaving me feeling pretty motivated. Ash and I have some things to accomplish before I have a quick meeting at 2 then I take my daughter to piano at 3:45. I am not doing much of anything tonight except making spaghetti and prepping to run!
  3. I cannot – and will not – think about tomorrow just yet. We have the race at 8 then we have to scurry off to the other side of town. Elliot won’t be able to run it because he has a 9:30 soccer game but Isaac’s is at 11. We aren’t even going to go home to shower; just change and hit the game. I had thrown it out there to our group of friends that we might could go out to eat after but I don’t know if that’s going to pan out.
  4. On Sunday, we’re headed out to a brewery that is an hour away. We were talking to one of the guys from there last week and they made this coffee stout with literal Krispy Kreme donuts and glaze in it! I have got to try that. We’ve been there before and liked their beer a lot but that one sounds like it’s going to take the cake (pun intended!)
  5. I am looking forward to eating today because I know we’re eating twice in preparation for the race. Admittedly, I also look forward to fasting soon and going back to one meal a day. My body needs to heal from all the food and beer! Plus, after this race, I am not planning on doing a lot of running. I might go back to sprints but no long runs. My knees will thank me.

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