Random Wednesday and Thursday- Changes in Attitude

You get some bullets today, since there’s no ‘Podge this week.

  • I’m trying desperately to not feel down this week, hence, the change in attitude and indeed, I have been listening to a lot of Jimmy B lately. I mean, I always go in phases with his songbook, if we’re being honest, ever since I gave him a chance beyond Margaritaville about ten years ago. To me, there’s so much more to him than that song!
  • It’s super windy today but sunny. I love when the sun is out.
  • I watched a video this morning about how to fix knee pain and essentially, the answer was to walk backwards. I’ll try anything but that would be pretty funny to see someone doing that down the street. Guess I will just do this around the house? Or maybe on the back deck.
  • I’m trying to get going on my grading today but it’s been one thing after another – mostly that I picked up this group class on this tutoring site and it’s a creative writing workshop for little kids! That’s going to be a lot different for me.
  • I need to prove the boys’ birth dates for soccer and I cannot find the birth certificate envelope. Is that not the worst – when you know you have something somewhere but can’t find it? UGH. I am guessing the envelope is in a box of mine in our storage area but it’s hot up there and I have zero interest in rummaging around in there now!
  • The bus system is so screwed up right now; my kids’ various routes have been disrupted because we simply don’t have enough drivers. And when they hire new ones, they don’t know the routes and spend all this extra time driving around. My oldest and youngest have been getting home, on average, 20-30 minutes late every day. I hate this! My son texted me about 20 minutes ago and still isn’t home and I honestly don’t know where he is! I’d contact our superintendent but I don’t know what he’s going to do about it. One would think he’d be fixing it, since he got in hot water over his Covid response. He was too damn catering about masks, etc for the most scared folks and it made a lot of parents angry.
  • Thursday now and there’s a huge storm coming across this side of the country, but it seems to have fizzled. I mean, it was supposed to be a hell of a thunder/lightning ordeal but now it seems the radar shows it stopping. The wind is still bad and I guess things are now super soggy but for the most part, it is not bad. My neighbor panicked, bought candles for the power eventually going out, and didn’t take her kid to school. It’s not a hurricane! Also, get a battery powered light, not candles. That’s a little antiquated in my opinion.
  • OK so it kind of fizzled out but it is still overcast. I cannot seem to get motivated. I literally had a third cup of coffee – which I know will make me too jittery – and I am now, at almost noon, sitting down to actually grade papers. My eyes are blurry, my head hurts, and I am so seemingly tired. But man, I have got to rally.
  • I was handling all our various things really well but now the weight is starting to press in on me. Between “are they going to cancel soccer because of soggy fields?” and “Should I drop my daughter off at girl scouts or stay?” and “Elliot needs to tell his boss that he cannot, in fact, work from 6-9 on M/W but only until 7 because of practice”, I am starting to stress. But I can’t; the weather is out of my control and my son needs to step up and handle himself. That was the whole point of getting a job. So yes, I am trying my hardest to get my brain to a place where it can process and handle all these little things. That’s life and it comes at ya fast!
  • OK, I’m going to go formulate my first couple AtoZ challenge posts then maybe go to Hobby Lobby.

2 thoughts on “Random Wednesday and Thursday- Changes in Attitude

  1. A trip to Hobby Lobby solves a lot of problems – seriously! Sometimes just walking around and looking at fun things helps get my mind to a better place.

    1. Exactly! I told my son I’m going to make him a shadow box to commemorate his broken leg, since he got to keep the rods. I think it’ll be a fun little project.

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