A to Z challenge – Day one

Really struggled to come up with a theme here; I know they suggested, what, following or accomplishing your dreams? I don’t know if I could come up with 26 posts that discuss that, or if I wanted to muse on any accomplishments, because I tend to be a negative Nancy about what I do and do not get done. So I think I might just play it by ear and try to reminisce about stuff from my past or things important to me and use the alphabet to guide me.

A is for American Gladiators

Oh how I loved this show! First of all, competition. I will always enjoy good old fashioned versus competition. It’s what sport is all about! I was maybe 12 or 13 when I started watching this and I just loved how the contestants all thought they were tough…until they came face to face with Nitro or Lazer and were sorely mistaken. These dudes were seriously jacked! And of course, we can’t really leave out the fact that as a teenage girl, they were, of course, attractive. Funny enough, not Thunder (the blond). Never really was into blond guys for some reason. But I enjoyed the heck out of that show and sometimes on Sunday evenings when it aired, I asked if I could eat dinner in my room so I could watch TV. Every now and then I was allowed to, depending on the meal. If it was a big Sunday dinner, then no. But if we somehow had leftover or something, then I could.

As cheesy as that show was, I still hold it near and dear to my adolescent memories.

Stay tuned for more random reminiscing tomorrow!

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