Thursday 13 – Just stuff going through my brain

I just have to spill some thoughts.

  1. Having the kids home during Spring Break feels overwhelming. Dakota wanted a hair cut, Isaac has been doing some stuff with the church youth group so he needed rides, and Elliot is apparently allergic to the adhesive they put over his surgery incisions so he had to go back to the doc. UGH.
  2. I got them registered for summer camp, all sessions but one. During that one, we’ll be driving to Ohio. There, we’ll be hitting up Cedar Point and possibly seeing some of Ash’s old friends.
  3. If Isaac gets into this music camp, then he’ll be doing that the week after.
  4. Oh, and directly after we get back from Ohio, Ash and I are going to Jax with my sister and boyfriend for a concert. And I have to book an airbnb soon!
  5. All these plans feel like so much, like they’re weighing on me all the time. I had all these plans to do yardwork this week and then it rained so that was a no-go. It’s finally sunny today but things are still wet. I am hoping that we can finally get out there and get this wreck of a yard cleaned up!
  6. I am really proud of myself for staying away from news. I delved in for a long time and once the whole Russia thing began, I just pulled back. Admittedly, I just watched a vid from one of my fave youtubers titled “Joe Biden is now officially the worst US president.” I’m thinking this is not even debatable, at this point. The thing is, it’s not JUST him; it’s all his puppeteers. Sigh. See why I am working on my own life and ignoring the world? Maybe it’s not being a good citizen but I can’t fix it.
  7. I am working through a lot of grading but organizing it around the kids home feels like a lot too. I know I sound whiny like I can’t handle my life but so be it. I am underwater this week!
  8. Although it is only mid-March, I am getting excited for late April when we’re going to St. Augustine for a concert. I feel like it has been FOREVER since I saw live music and I am jonesing. A couple friends of ours are going to the Spirit of Suwanee music festival this weekend and though it’s not music I like and involves camping, I’m a little jealous.
  9. This weekend, we are going to Perry for the Big Bend Brewfest – not serving, just attending. Should be fun. We did VIP so we can get snacks. Going with a guy Ash works with and his wife and though we only met them a little bit ago, they seem nice.
  10. I took on a client through this new tutoring job and he is a college kid in Hawaii but his overbearing (clearly doing it all) mom is always on the video and it is so weird! I feel like that’s not supposed to happen but I can’t do much about it either. There’s a section for private notes to a team lead so I did mention it in my write-up for the first session. In my experience, it should pretty much just be the student unless they’re an actual minor.
  11. I had gotten kind of bad about eating two meals a day there for a bit. Not two major meals, mind you, but maybe some keto snack – some flackers and goat cheese, pickles, olives, etc. Then I’d have another keto meal after. But with some of the ways our days have turned out, I will eat one meal but drink for hours after and I will say, that has to be cut back. So the last couple days I’ve only done one meal, and on Wednesday, I actually got a full 24 hour fast in. I also took a three mile run but a run after a keto day is never great. I definitely learned that I need carbs before a long run.
  12. I also seemed to have hurt my right knee on the run. Before, it was the back of my left knee and it didn’t hurt during the run but definitely after. Now the other one is having a shooting pain right next to my kneecap basically all the time! This is not a good development.
  13. We got a lot of the yard work done today and it makes me so happy! The sun is out and it’s warm and I feel like I can actually breathe… except allergy season has begun! Always fun; at least there’s Zyrtec.

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