Wednesday Podge – Roaming about

1. It’s March 15th and as the saying goes-“Beware the Ides of March”. Have you read or studied much Shakespeare? Do you have a favorite Shakespeare play? How do you feel about a Caesar salad? 

If we’re being honest, I am not much of a Shakespeare fan. It’s ok; just not my favorite. Caesar salad is ok also, not my fave. I prefer something with a basic olive oil based dressing. I am planning on eating a Greek salad later!

2. Have you ever been to Rome? If so what do you love about the city? If not, any desire to go?

No, but I do think it would be neat to see. My thing is that I am not huge on traveling. The actual moving to the place part. Love seeing and being new places though. I know my brother in law went to Italy and he did get to see the Coliseum; that would be really awesome.

3. What’s your favorite place to ‘roam’? 

I enjoy going to towns/cities I have never been and just walking their downtown areas. We went to Texas last June and saw four different cities. We planned out stays in areas with breweries and walked to them so we could see more of the area. To me, that’s a cool way to immerse yourself into another place and explore.

4. Do you like pizza? Thick or thin crust? Red sauce-white sauce-other? Your favorite toppings? How do you feel about pineapple on a pizza? 

I’d like to believe everyone likes pizza, though my mom isn’t super keen on it, believe it or not. I enjoy thin crust and red sauce, though white is nice too. I’m a cheese person but can be swayed to have jalapenos, sausage or even – yes! – pineapple. It pairs well with ham.

5.  ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’…tell us how this expression applies to something in your home-life-job currently (or recently)? 

I have two examples here. One is our recent advancements in homebrewing. We have made some really good beers in the past but as we learn more about the science and intricacies thereof, we realize that some of our success has been luck. Learning to be adept at something is a long process! And we have to be patient and consistent.

The other way I relate is in finding some more jobs. I got rejected for this Synthesis company but I got hired by both and varsity tutors so the process takes a bit to get onboarded and ready to collect the paycheck. LOL.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

This week came at me fast! After a particularly busy Sunday where we made “skeeter pee”, which is a lemon wine, we ended up going out with our brew club friends and the last of them didn’t leave until 6:30. Then Monday saw some general work, lunch, and other beer-related things like transferring and pitching. Then Tuesday, I got my first client through this tutoring job but they didn’t get the time difference between Florida and Hawaii so what I had scheduled was much earlier. So we hammered that out and the mom hired me for 3-4:30 all this week! Kind of a pain in my ass on Friday but hey, it’s money.

This morning, I had to take Elliot back to TOC because he is apparently having an allergic reaction to the adhesive over his incisions (they took out the hardware in his leg from last April’s break). Luckily, it’s a small area so he just has gauze bandages now – not waterproof – and should be done with all that in about 8 days. But I tell ya, it is always something!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Podge – Roaming about

  1. Enjoyed your thoughts! Did I tell you that some friends of ours have bees and they have been making mead. I have some hibiscus mead in my fridge right now. Maybe we will open it tonight!

    1. You hadn’t mentioned it but I’m not necessarily a mead fan. My friend does make it, usually when he makes the lemon wine. I’ve tried it and it isn’t bad, just not my thing. I have a friend who has bees and I keep meaning to get honey just because!

  2. My daughter’s father in law brews beer and has been doing it for quite a few years. He has some good ones. We lived in Europe for six years and traveled a lot. The world feels less stable these days and we are sticking a bit closer to home. I’m always up for a fun road trip to a new place though! Have a nice week!

    1. I’ll agree that it seems a bad time to travel but if nothing does happen, at least we’ll have the trip on the books. Here’s hoping it’ll be ok in summer!

  3. Greek is good! The flights are so long, I don’t like that about traveling. I know I’m a pizza lover but have never been a fan of the pineapple on a pizza but I do like pineapple on it’s own. Sounds like a very busy week you had. Sorry about Elliot’s allergic reaction and yes, it is always something!!

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